Was Jesus a Pleiadean?

Was Jesus a Pleiadean?

The other day, I emailed Psycho Psychic that the Pleiadean factor on Planet Earth was raised by Barbara Marciniak in Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings From the Pleiadians

The excerpts from the book that link brings up are impressive, but leave out a bit here and there.
In 1992, I wrote a fun kick-ass novel Psycho Psychic later read, about a most interesting Pleiadean human colony in America. I had hoped the tale would make me rich and famous. Alas.
A new age acquaintance pressed me to read Bringers of the Dawn shortly after it was published in late 1992. I knew while reading it that the Pleiadeans (Marciniak spelled it Pleiadians) were not telling her everything. They as much told her that, they, too, were here not entirely out of the goodness of their hearts, just as they said the reptilians were here for their own benefit. I pointed to that in a letter to Marciniak, and that she needed to deal with it. She did deal with it somewhat in the sequel book, name now escapes me.
Millions of people went Pleiadean crazy, with Marciniak’s help. A new religion to replace the religions that had failed. I would come to have a good friend who worshiped the Pleiadeans. A new age cult in Texas, as I recall, committed suicide en masse, to go be with some ET race, their Earth human  leader had told them would happen.
The day I finished reading Bringers of the Dawn, I had an appointment with a Barbara Brennan “hands of light” therapist, who was darn good at what she did. During the drive to her place, it came to me strong that my son had been killed by the Pleiadeans. The therapist and I went into that during the session.
During the next session, she told me that my  “core star” took her “core star” on a dazzling tour of the Universe. After the next  session, she told me that whatever I was involved in was beyond her range, and she could not help me. I was in the 1st dark night of the soul.
Later, a former Sikh suggested I read ET 101 . I read it, and then I called the authors and made an appointment to drive to see them. They were into receiving assistance from the Pleiadeans. During a healing session I had with one of the authors, she said she was hearing from the Pleiadeans that I needed to approach my work more as poetry. I thought she meant that literally. As in, all of life is poetry.
About a week later, the heavens opened and a stunning celestial rainbow eulogy poem to my son burst out of me on the 26 anniversary of the day I had buried him. He had died of sudden infant death syndrome.  I already knew 26 was the sacred number for God. Then came a season of fabulous rainbow poetry boiling out of me.
Later, I met a man who told me, that before Bringers of the Dawn came out, the Pleiadeans had offered him what they later would give to Marciniak. He heard them out, didn’t trust they were leveling with him entirely, and told them, no thanks.
The other day, I wondered if the message that the Pleiadeans had killed my son was they had throttled sales of my novel about the Pleaidean colony? The novel was my son, so to speak. Perhaps the Pleiadeans didn’t like the novel? Or, they didn’t care for what I wrote to Marciniak? Or, they thought I needed to get over wanting to be rich and famous? Or,  my karma required me to have other kinds of experiences? Or, whatever?
In astronomy, the Pleiades are known as The Seven Sisters. I have heard theories of that’s where Jesus came from. Perhaps equipped with 12 strands of DNA, as described in Bringers of the Dawn.

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One thought on “Was Jesus a Pleiadean?”

  1. I, Wacko Wizard, posted a link to this post at the to The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network Facebook page, and received this response:

    Shem Morh 🔥🔥 Holy Ghost fire be broken chains of deception in Jesus name. Jesus was always high priest and it says he was MADE to be like christ. And christ created the world and the world knew Him not. If you don’t believe inbox me for scriptures.

    I replied:
    I can’t tell if you read the post, or only just its title. The world indeed knew Jesus not. Even his disciples had great difficulty knowing him. The Letter to the Hebrews, which most Bible scholars think was not written by Paul, is addressed to Jews who had known Jesus, or had come to follow him and his teachings. They were told they were falling away, because the cleansing of the Lord was too difficult for them. They were told they should be teachers by then, they should be eating meat, but they were still drinking milk. They were told to be kind to strangers, who could be angels in their midst unawares. They were urged to return to the cleansing of the Lord, which is Holy Fire (Jesus had told his disciples, as reported in the Gospels, that his baptism was not in water but was in fire). They were warned of the grave peril of not returning to the cleansing of the Lord. They were told Jesus was high priest in Melchizedek. They were told much more in Hebrews.

    Who wrote Hebrews? Jesus, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek told me Mary Magdalene wrote it, and she did not put her name on it, because it was known back then that no man would pay attention to what a woman wrote.

    In 2001, in my sleep, I was told by Michael, “You are an ordained Melchizedek exorcist priest going back into a prison where you once lived to try to help other people still living there.” Then, I saw myself in some kind of facility with a lot of men and women dressed casually wandering around. Off to my right, I saw a way out of the place, but I knew I would not leave until I was given permission. I came to understand the prison was Christianity, which did not know Jesus very well, but claimed to speak for him as if it was the final authority.

    In the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples that he gave parables to the masses, while he taught them in secret what wise men and kings would give all they had to know. Jesus told his disciples they would be tested and some of them would be killed for following him. He taught them the basics. At Pentecost, the Holy Spirit took them over and grew them from children into adults in the spirit. Grew them into Melchizedek priests.

    Perhaps, since you seem to have referred to The Letter to the Hebrews, you are slated to be given your own tailor-made course in the cleansing of the Lord, which I have experienced at the hands of Jesus, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek. It was terrible. And, it’s not over after 31 years. When it began is told toward the end of the Greetings Earthling’s home page at intuitive-explorations.com.

    I personally think something similar is what humanity needs en mass. Large doses of Holy Fire. Otherwise, humanity’s many troubles will only get worse. Because, as you pointed out, Jesus came and the world knew him not.

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