total freedom and illusions thereof

Wacko Wizard here, with some thoughts about total freedom and illusions thereof.

Mountain Wisdom contacted me from out of the blue in the spring of 2016 and said attention-getting angels had started dropping in on him to chat in his dreams and in his living room when he was so-called wide awake. Right away, they told him he needed to get in touch with me. He said he’d never before had anything like that happen to him; the angels started turning him every which a way but loose; it’s been happening to him ever since; and the angels are Khamael, Michael and Gabriel, and once Melchizedek came with them.

Here’s the text of my email to Mountain Wisdom, regarding something he emailed me earlier today:

Well, Amigo, this is just too peachy to let slide silently into the night. I’m going to post it, with the redacting you requested, to the anomalous experiences website,  with  brief mention of how your and my paths were crossed by forces far beyond our control. I see plenty of anomalous experiences on websites and social media, but the only place I see the shit that grabs people by the short hairs is what you and I, and my homeless lady friend, experience. Perhaps the anomalous experiences people might wish to consider what all they are missing out on? Of course, wink, wink, it was just a coincidence that someone out of the blue sent you the total freedom lyrics.


Here’s what  Mountain  Wisdom  emailed me:
I had someone out of the blue send this to me. He remembered Andrew’s father Prof Wilkes Krieger from the place he went to grad school. He particularly liked Andrew’s music when Andrew was under the mgmt of Prof Wilkes Kreiger, and it was all this hard rock, party hard, shit. Andrew went along with it for a number of years, and then he got pissed at his dad’s constant meddling and I remember Andrew’s dad had to get a stand in to perform a concert, the guy lip sync’d three songs and split. I’ve seen early cell phone video of Andrew and then video of that concert- wasn’t Andrew.
Andrew played the “legendary”(in who’s mind ?) Georgia Theatre. I could not stand the “Let’s Party Hard Bullshit”. Later on, Andrew was loading out and it was expected security was to help load the bus. I told the GA Theatre owner that I didn’t load buses- I threw out drunk frat boys, kept out psychos without tickets, and generally was a sonabitch- but I was not a lumper. So the GA Theatre owner jumped my ass. He was gonna show the biker who was boss. Andrew came over, he had put his long hair in a pony tail. He told the GA Theatre owner- “Fuck off man, I’ve got roadies.”
I remember the GA Theatre owner kicked at my kickstand on my FXR. I was so pissed. Andrew told me to let it go.
Later on, when the GA Theatre owner bought the 40 Watt Club, he and I had a pissing contest and I won. I kept certain shit out of the venues, I watched the bar tenders(they roofied girls before I took over security). By that time I had met XXXXX and Big ZZZZZ- both AAA Motor Cycle Club members (if you publish this, which I hope you won’t- please censor XXXXX and ZZZZZ and the club designation’s name). I had to assert my gorilla dominance as respect was important to potential MC members. So I stepped up and I ran shit. 
I had a moment with a David Allan Coe and a lot of people remember’d what happened with Andrew and how Andrew backed me. People call’d me BBB or BBV.
One of the people who worked at the Georgia Theatre sent me a link to Andrew’s latest single. Her comment was that it sounded like shit.
These are the lyrics:
We didn’t care at all about
Who had more Or who came from less
Or was rich or poor
We didn’t care at all about Who got first Or who got here last
Or was best or worst
Total freedom
We had total freedom
And we, we didn’t care at all
About time going fast
Or if we could get ahead
Or if we would miss the past
We didn’t care at all No we, we didn’t care at all
We had total freedom
Total freedom
(We didn’t care at all) (We didn’t care at all) (At all…)
We didn’t care at all about What other people thought
Or if we could pass the test Or if we were cool or not
Total freedom
We had total freedom
And we, we didn’t care at all about Following the crowd
Or if they said we looked like fools
Or if they said we laughed too loud
We didn’t care at all
No we, we didn’t care at all
Total freedom Total freedom
(We didn’t care at all) (We didn’t care at all) (At all…)
Total freedom… Total freedom…
I think the lyrics represent lyrics Andrew and I saw when were kids at the Georgia Theatre.
The music isn’t for everybody but I like it, honestly: Andrew W.K. – Total Freedom (Audio)
I want to make it clear: I was never into drugs. I had a drinking spell that lasted 3 days 3 times 3 places each- I have wondered about the personal numerology of that. Drinking kept me away from something I was trying to touch. God. Never pimped or pandered. Never sold drugs. Never killed anybody. I just want that clear.
But yeah, I got heavy sometime. I am karmically paying for that and reliving many things. I wonder when this will end. I have not taken a drink.

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