Three very different ET reports from Wacko Wizard

I, Wacko Wizard, present three very different ET reports in response to Psycho Psychic’s dream described in the next previous blog post at this website:

Trip into a distant sun:

Back in 1987, when I was first learning craniosacral therapy, I invited a friend from massage school to let me introduce him to it. He said okay and came over to my apartment and got onto my massage table. Craniosacral therapy was discovered by early osteopathic physicians and further refined as time passed. Among other things, it was learned that the plates in the skull could be gently manipulated. Modern medicine denies the plates rotate on their own, much less can be manipulated. However,  I can show anyone willing to learn, how to feel the cranial rhythm and the cranial plates rocking.

I started working on my friend’s head. He went into a light trance. Then, he said he was headed to a distant universe. Then, he said was going into a sun there, in which there were intelligent beings. He said no more, and went into a grand mal seizure, which I had never seen before. I didn’t know what to do but keep my hands on his shoulders. He shook violently for about 5 minutes, and then he started calming down.  Then, he was out of it. He said, “All hell’s going to break loose on this planet (Earth).” He said he’d never before had anything like that happen to him.

Dora Kalff’s talk with the Dalai Lama:

Dora Kalff was a Swiss woman, who had trained under the Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung, who had taken psychiatry into the mysterious realms of dreams, visions, syncronistic experiences, etc. Later, Dora developed Sandplay thereapy, which consisted of her having a lot of miniature objects of just about anything imaginal – plant, animal, mineral – of and not of this world. She  had two small rectangular sand boxes, one with dry sand, the other with wet sand. Her clients used the miniatures to make sand pictures as she watched on. The therapy was non verbal. The clients healed as they kept coming and making sand pictures.

I met Dora in 1988, in America. She was my licensed clinical social worker wife’s former Sandplay teacher. My wife had not seen Dora in many years. Dora invited us to her home near Zurich for a Sandplay training later that year. I tagged along. At the end of the training, Dora invited my wife and me out to lunch. I’d had my first ET experience shortly after arriving in Switzerland. It was an other-dimension experience with three ETs inside a space ship. Two of the beings were somewhat humanoid, the third looked in the face like a wolf. Then, there was something in the apartment with us, which was terrifying. Then, it was gone. I think it was the next night that my wife had her first orgasm ever through sexual intercourse.

So over lunch, I asked Dora if she, or any of her clients, ever had experiences with ETs? Dora said she would answer my question in this way. When the Dalai Lama came to Zurich to see Tibetan refugees who had settled there, he came to Dora’s home to see her. She had met him some years prior in India. She showed him her Sandplay room and told him how her clients used the miniatures to make sand pictures and heal while she watched on. He said that was applied Buddhism. Then, he asked her, “And what kind of pictures do people make who were not born on this planet?” Dora looked me dead in the eye, said, “The Tibetans know many things they do not say.”

Space ship sighting over my home in America:

In the spring of 1994, my licensed clinical social worker Sandplay therapist wife and her son and a licensed clinical social worker friend of ours were sitting on the front side patio of our home one morning. I happened to look up and saw a space ship parked beside a cloud maybe a mile up. The ship was white, oval-shaped, no dome. Much smaller than the cloud. I told the other three to look up at the spaceship beside the cloud. They said, Yeah, right. I told them again to look up at the space ship. They said again, Yeah, right. I was astounded.

I then saw the ship dart behind the cloud. No way a human craft could have made that maneuver, nor stayed parked beside the cloud. I told the three that the spaceship darted behind the cloud. Yeah, right, they said.  Then, the cloud started stretching across the sky, like a very wide vapor trail. One side of the cloud stayed where I had first seen it, as the other side was stretched, I figured, by the space ship from left to right. I told the three what I was seeing. Yeah, right, they said. They never looked up. I was astounded.

That night, the boy came to me privately in our home and asked if I had really seen a space ship? I asked him if he’d ever known me to make something like that up? He knew I was having a lot of strange experiences. His mother knew. She was having strange experiences herself. I had taught him an internal alchemy ritual, which he used when he needed help with something going on in his life. He said, No, he had never known me to make such things up. I said he didn’t look up because he was afraid his mother and our friend would tease or think badly of him. Yes, he said. I said the space ship came for him to see, I already knew about such things. I said I bet he would look up the next time I told him I saw a space ship. Yes, he said. But there was no next time while I was with him and his mother.

I figured she was afraid to look up, because she knew I was telling the truth and she didn’t want to feed it, she didn’t want her son to see it, and she didn’t want to deal with our licensed clinical social worker friend, who himself never had anything but ordinary human experiences. I figured if he had looked up, he might have become destabilized, had a psychotic break. Or, he would have convinced himself he did not see what he saw and watched unfold.

That was long before smart phones, which perhaps could have videoed what I saw, and be put up on YouTube, and then be wowed and alleged to be photo-shopped.

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