On the Matter of Russia: 2018 Winter Solstice

In his intro on the home page of this website and blog, Wacko Wizard alludes to the fact that we don’t (ahem) always agree.  Sometimes we argue.  The matter of Russia can be one source of disagreement and argument between us.

He frequently proclaims I am blinded because I have Russian relatives.  In my opinion, he’s overly impressed by Bill Browder (a very sketchy individual if you take time to research his history) and Browder’s book – Red Notice.  Further, there is the issue of claims  the Russians, perhaps Putin himself, placed Trump in the seat of President of the U.S.  Ha!  No voting machines were hacked; no way to prove with certainty, rather than speculation, who hacked the outed emails, as the best and most elite of hackers are tricky and leave false trails.  Social Media?  Who wasn’t attempting to influence the election via social media platforms?

A question swirling in my mind is this:  WHY has there been an approximate decade long drive on part of the West to promote a new cold war?  My grandpa always encouraged me, regarding questionable situations, to ask: “WHO stands to GAIN….. WHAT and WHY?”

While the below  Sharon Tennison video does not answer these many questions, it stimulates thought.  – Psycho Psychic


Well, that stimulates many thoughts in this old wizard noggin’ this Winter Solstice.

I agree about not falling for rumors, propaganda, etc. put out by the American government, and Americans generally, about Russia.

Vladimir Putin and Russia also put out rumors and propaganda.

Psycho Psychic’s wondering about why promote cold war and who stands to gain?, are spot on. I think the answers lie in both countries.

I liked Sharon Tennison’s video, except for where she says, back when Vladimir Putin worked for the KGB in Germany, he only observed and wrote papers about how communism and capitalism were faring, and communism was coming up short. I thought that was seriously naive about what KGB officer Putin was doing in Germany, which had its own dreadful version of the KGB, called the Stasi.

As for Bill Browder and Red Notice.

I figured it was an angel that bumped me into a lawyer friend back in 2016, who said I needed to read  Red Notice, and then I would understand what really was going on. I read the book in about a week’s time. I tried to persuade Psycho Psychic to read it. She declined and criticized Browder. I said he criticized himself in the book, which made him credible for me.

In the book, Browder describes his early investing experiences in Poland, where he made a lot of money. Then, he got into investing in Russia, where he made a lot more money. Then, he ran afoul of Russian politics. A lawyer named Magnitsky, whom Browder knew and used, got locked up by the Russian authorities, tortured and killed. That led to Browder’s crusade to get the U.S. Congress to respond. Congress was enraged over what Browder produced as evidence, pointing the finger right at Vladimir Putin.  Over stiff opposition from President Barack Obama, Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton, and aspiring Secretary of State Senator John Kerry – all democrats – Congress passed the Magnitsky Act. A number of Russian Oligarchs were banned from the U.S. and from putting their money in the U.S. Vladimir Putin was furious.

I imagined back in 2016 that Putin hoped Trump would become president and try to undo the Magnitsky Act, and lift other sanctions President Obama had imposed on Russia.

As for today

I think President Trump announcing America will pull its troops out of Syria is the first truly great thing Trump did in office. I think Putin has to be delighted, and Putin will be further delighted if America does likewise with Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s all part of Russia’s backyard, so why not give Russia the responsibility of policing that part of this planet, even if that really upsets the Republicans, the Democrats, and President Trump’s MAGA base,

even more than the Republican-controlled congress finding:

USA Today, December 17, 2018


The Senate released a pair of reports Monday that say Russia engaged in an all-out social media campaign on Donald Trump’s behalf during the 2016 election and continued to support him after he took office.”

That entire article bears reading, like Red Notice bears reading, and Sharon Tennison’s video bears watching.

Also for the metaphysically inclined …

After reading Psycho Psychics comments, I recalled a phone conversation one morning in early 1999 with a Christian intercessor a generation older than I. As we talked about this and that kinda thing I probably would not say in a Sunday school class, or to a psychiatrist, nor to most of my friends and relatives, I was dragged by Something into a trance and was transported in some way into the heart of China and left there to marinate a little while in what was an awful, dead, ominous energy. Then, I was transported into the heart of Islam, where the same thing happened. Then, I was transported to under the Pentagon, where the same thing happened. Then, I was taken above the planet, like where a space satellite might be, and was looking down at Russia, which was under a giant glass or plastic dome. I understood what was inside the dome was being fumigated, and then something new would happen there. I did not know what the new would be. I came out of the trance.

I realized talking with Psycho Psychic about that yesterday, that the Russia part of that vision was about the ascendance of Vladimir Putin in a very much ailing nation. Finally, nearly 20 years later, the vision seems to make sense to me. The Russian people clearly are better off under Putin. Their standard of living is much better. They no longer live in fear of the KGB.

I told Psycho Psychic that Russians want what Americans want. Affordable housing. Decent food. Safe drinking water. To have some fun. Drink some vodka. Have sex. Etc. They do not want to be blown to bits. They do not like war. I applaud Sharon Tennison for her dedicated efforts to prevent a nuclear holocaust and Americans understanding Russia past and present.

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