rainbow poetry inspired by the feminine

In the February 2, 2019 blog post about Psycho Psychic’s dream of my left hand being smaller than my right hand, I mentioned rainbow poetry inspired by the feminine, which I had not yet published at this website.

White is black
Black is white
When they fuse
Rainbows bloom
Rainbows know no master,
fueled by Father Sun
they touch Mysty Earth
only Heaven knows where.
Rainbows are more precious than diamonds,
and more brilliant than gold,
more shining than silver,
and more sacred than pearls.
Rainbows paint heavens beautiful,
make angels sing.
Rainbows are you, and me,
Full spectrums of Infinity
blazing across Eternity.
Rainbows are Now.
Rosa Mystica
Sweet Mystery
Bride of Christ
Living Water
without which
there are no Rainbows
and God is dead
Earth –
The sacred prism
through which souls are refracted
into their elemental parts,
purified in Holy Fire,
Then one-forged
and sent on their way
to not even angels know where,
simply because they are all
unique emanations of God,
evolving …


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  1. deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.
    “an anomalous situation”

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