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The beginning of Psycho Psychic’s neverending story …

My Psycho Psychic personal journey has been a long and interesting one. Born into a nice, non-churchy, mostly happy family. Some of them of average interests, others quite free thinking, super intelligent, and ahead of their time. There are times when I think life might have been easier had I been born one of the average mundanes. But no, I came in as one of the other category. Even worse, from age 9 months to 3 years I had memories of another life. When I would dream of my death in that other time, I’d wake fretting regarding the 6 year old daughter I’d left behind, and wondering how/why I was now in this other place and in a toddler’s body. Eventually I outgrew the dreams, but not the memories. They are seared in my brain even now. Mom discouraged talk of this. And this is most likely what launched my personal journey outside and away from the “herd.”

I don’t claim to understand with any degree of certainty what may cause some individuals to experience such memories. I would LIKE to know, as I would like also to learn a helluva lot more about a helluva lot of other things we have zip zero understanding of. My focus is on researching, reading, learning, sifting what may be true, possible, or probable, from what is unlikely.

When I was seven years old a friend of mom’s asked if she could take my sister and I with her to the Methodist church she belonged to, a block down the street from our home. Mom consented. Probably to grab a couple hours of free time. But in less than a year, mom, dad, my sister and brother and I were all involved in the church. I have wonderful memories of the social club aspect. Frustration over certain Sunday school and church teachings, which made no sense.

In third grade Sunday school, I discovered I could not keep my mouth shut and not ask questions. I still am incapable of keeping my mouth shut in the face of absurdities. The Adam and Eve and the Serpent tale simply did not compute. I viewed the Serpent as a hero, attempting to help man. When told by my teacher that eating of the apple brought death into our world, that until then man was intended to be immortal, I asked WHY then did the gods have to prevent Adam and Eve from eating of the other tree and becoming immortal and like gods? It seemed the gods were doing damage control. This did not go well with my teacher. And it was downhill from there.

I tried to be normal. Chose a very analytical career field, though by age 36 found myself rather dragged into self employment as an intuitive life coach and hypnotherapist. I’m good at what I do and enjoy what I do. Have no intention of completely retiring before I die, or my mind and body go.

I’m left hand path by way of Joseph Campbell’s definition of LHP vs RHP. If you’ve read Joseph Campbell, you know this has nothing to do with being evil, or needing to be saved and brought back into “the fold” of cultural conditioning and consensus reality. I am interested in the benefits of exploring layers of consciousness and one’s shadow (ala the writings of Carl Jung).

I’m also interested in exploring the idea/concept of the daimon/daemon (inner genius or personal attendant spirit). It’s frustrating that this word and what it represents has become confused, too often misunderstood and entangled with the word “demon,” as in evil entity. The original definition of “daimon” has become garbled, even in some dictionaries.

Regarding the above, I had been contemplating what to say about myself on this page.  A few nights ago, during a dream, a philosophy professor turned up and assisted me in writing this.  Kudos, Professor, whoever you are, wherever you are.

As for the beginning of Wacko Wizard’s neverending story …

I suppose it started a long, long time ago, in a universe far, far away.

It may have no scientific ending, either.

I don’t know much about Joseph Campbell, other than I am left-handed, and I saw his “Hero’s Journey” film maybe in 1987.

If I understand Campbell’s left hand path, then I ended up going down it full bore, whole hog, after plenty of struggling to shed my early rich, white, prominent Southern Baptist family programming, beliefs and worrying what other people thought about me. I came to think there is much truth in the saying: Once you destroy your reputation you can be free.

I take some credit for that evolution, which more than a few other people viewed as devolution; but most of the credit I have to give to a band of angels that came after me, which came into plain view in early January 1987, in my 45th year, which I described at the bottom of this website’s home page.

I laugh, when I hear someone say that visitation by angels was my subjective experience. Or, I imagined it. Or, I made it up.

It was as objective and real as hitting my thumb with a hammer. As being hit in the balls by a line drive when I was 11 playing scrub baseball before school started. As my choking nearly to death on my first communion wine after my mother had forced me to take Confirmation classes. As my first-born dying of sudden infant death syndrome when I was 25.

As objective and real as my being told in my sleep in early January 1991, “With respect to St. John of the Cross, you haven’t seen anything yet,” and then I was covered in pure, raw, black Evil, and I went to gagging and trying to escape it, and I woke up gagging and trying to escape it, and I was terrified, and my ego was inflated sky high.

As objective and real as the heavens and their beauties and hell and its uglies inside and outside me then having their way with me,  which, along with being stood in front of a mirror for long periods of time, changed my perspective of just about everything.

I learned everything is interconnected. There is no separation between human events and spirit events. As above, so below. As below, so above.

I learned a dream or vision, or being visited and touched and moved and shaken and traumatized and uplifted by supernatural beings, or by ETs, is as objective and real as having an automobile wreck. That nobody else has your dream or vision or experience does not make it subjective or imaginary.

If you don’t believe me, ask Joseph Campbell – Heh.

Enough babbling. What’s important is what happens and how we respond to it.

Who we are is seen in what we think, say and do, and don’t do, which is who anyone is.

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  1. deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.
    “an anomalous situation”
    synonyms: abnormalatypicalnontypicalirregularaberrantexceptionalfreakfreakishoddbizarrepeculiarunusual, out of the ordinary, inconsistentincongruousdeviant, deviating, divergenteccentric;