meditating on the heart and living, instead of the afterlife

Meditating on the heart and living, instead of the afterlife

In my two previous blot posts at this website, I somewhat introduced and commented on Drunvalo Melchizedek, after watching this video:


I don’t agree much with Drunvalo’s approach to spiritual development, because it seems to me to be yet another attempt to create a messiah, or messiahs, from elsewhere. Beings from other star systems, dimensions, etc. I think what is most important is how we deal with what life serves us day and night, in our sleep and when we are so-called awake. I think we are on this planet to deal with what life serves us here day and night. I think spending a lot of time looking to what lies beyond in the afterlife, is, well, not what we are here to do and experience.

However, I agree with Drunvalo, that there is one Spirit and it is in and affecting everything, and what we do affects everything, too. Sort of like plucking one strand on a spider web affects the entire web. Thus, it is important how we pluck that strand on which we are, as we are who feel it the most.

I also agree with Drunvalo, that somewhere in each person’s heart is a library or CD, so to speak, in which our personal history and being are stored. That information can be accessed in bits and pieces during mediation, dreams, waking visions, hypnotherapy, past life regressions, revelations, etc.

I also agree with Drunvalo, that a very good spiritual practice is to meditate daily in our own heart, which has its own reasons the mind can never understand.

Be careful what you ask for, also comes to mind.

Here’s a personal example, with several twists and turns.

About three months ago, I started coming down with a sore throat, which seemed peculiar in the way it onset. My voice got weak. It progressed into sinus congestion, and into my lungs, and then came coughing. I wondered if it was fallout from a black spell a magician had been paid to cast on me a year previously, of which a friend of mine, “Mountain Wisdom”, told me he had dreamed and also been advised in visits from angels when he was awake.

More recently, Mountain Wisdom had told me of a follow up visit from angels, in which he was told the magician had been called on the carpet by his magician organization, and he was booted out by that organization’s leaders, and was told there would be consequences, and then he died in his sleep.  Mountain Wisdom said the angels told him to tell me that the bad spell was resolved in the spirit, but I should follow God’s guidance and perhaps I should see a physician about my throat.

I was reluctant to do that, because I had seen an ear, nose and throat doctor a year prior, and she had looked down my throat at my vocal cords with an instrument that goes though the nostrils, one at a time. She then sent me to have a Cat scan, and she said she didn’t see anything on my vocal cords in that X-Ray, but she wanted me to go to an ENT surgeon a long drive from where I lived, who had a more advanced instrument to look at my vocal cords more clearly. I wondered why she had waited that long to tell me she did not have that more advanced instrument?

Then, I dreamed of an ENT doctor, who once did surgery on my left vocal cord, to remove a small growth he said lab results indicated was not malignant. He thought it probably was caused by a virus. He asked in the dream if I wanted him to take look? I said, Yes. He put his instrument down my left nostril, and then down the right nostril, and said he didn’t see anything, but there was something small on the back of my tongue, and did I want him to take it off? I said, Yes, and I felt something being scraped off the back of my tongue, and the dream ended.

About then, Psycho Psychic reported a dream she had of me being told by someone that I’d had a wife before my first wife, and I was strenuously arguing that was not so. I told Psycho Psychic that I had not had a wife before my first wife, yet her dream had to be relevant for me, but in what way? I said I’d had a girlfriend during my freshman year in college, she was a year younger and still in high school. I had really loved her, but my not knowing much about sex had screwed up our relationship. I ended up with a sinus infection shortly thereafter, which would remain chronic the rest of my life, and sometimes it became acute. Were she and the sinus infection my “1st wife”? Was that the explanation for what I was experiencing in my throat, sinuses and lungs, and not the spirit attack?

A physician friend then came to me in a dream, and said, “Sinus.” I told him about the dream, asked how a sinus infection would be treated? He told me what antibiotic would be used for an acute sinus infection, Augmentin, which would not be much help for a chronic sinus infection.

I did nothing. My voice improved. The lung congestion got more difficult.  It felt like my right lung had pneumonia. That’s where respiratory tract infections tend to end up in me – my right lung.

I finally went to a walk-in medical clinic about two  weeks ago and had to wait a while, but then got with the doctor and it went quickly. She had my chest X-Rayed. There was no pneumonia, but there was flim in my right lung, as I had told her. She prescribed Augmentin. 10 days. That started turning the lung and sinus symptoms around, but I knew from past experiences that I needed to deal with the heart issues. The metaphysics.

I dragged my feet. Then, I had more dreams about my high school sweetheart. And there were other pointers toward her. I looked for her on Facebook this morning and did not find her there. I don’t know what do next? Maybe there is a woman in my life, who desires romance and I am not providing it?

There are two such women, actually. Two entirely different situations. Both women say they are  having amorous dreams about me. One of them has been having such dreams for a long time. I am not having sex with either of them. I think the dreams are saying, first, I have important business with both women.

One of the women is my first wife, mother of my children. I dreamed two nights ago of when our first child had died of sudden infant death syndrome, which messed us both up during the 4th year of our marriage.  The right side of  the body is the male side. Perhaps my son’s “remains” are in my right lung? His mother told me recently that perhaps I had gotten the respiratory infection from her.

I dreamed during a nap yesterday of being instructed in the “Stayman convention” in the card game known as bridge, which I like to play. Stayman is a 2 club response to your playing partner opening 1 No Trump. 2 clubs tells your partner you have 4 hearts, or 4 spades, or 4 hearts and 4 spades, or  5 of one and  4 of the other. In card symbolism and in my dreams, clubs represent the Royal Family (Holy  Trinity), and for me, my immediate blood family relations. Hearts and spades represent love and truth.

I think maybe my 1st wife and I need to talk more about the son we lost. I was taken though several rounds of deep emotional releasing over his passing, starting many years after he left this life and set his mother and I our journeys. Releasings instigated by angels, and, or, something in my heart.

I don’t think his mother has had that experience yet. She has many medical problems, accompanied by a lot of pain, which I think are rooted in the trauma and grief of our son’s death, which tore us both up terribly. Perhaps that now is coming around for healing? I hope so.

I don’t know enough about Drunvalo Melchizedek to know if he sees things in these ways. In the video, he seems very focused on intelligent life forms not on this planet, and going to join them. I don’t see how that approach will do much for the two women in my life, or for me. Nor for anyone else I know.

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