meaning of dream about my left hand smaller than my right hand?

Meaning of dream about my left hand smaller than my right hand?

In one of my recent dreams, Psycho Psychic told me that my left hand was smaller than my right hand. I looked down at my hands and they seemed about the same size. I woke up and started wondering what the dream meant?


she spoke fondly of  Joseph Campbell’s “left hand path”. I thought maybe that’s the path Robert Frost meant, when he said he came to a fork on a road in the woods, and he took the one less traveled by, and that had made all the difference. That’s what I did, steered, nudged, dragged, shoved and yanked by angels.

Then, I found myself mulling the right side of the human body is the male side, the left side is the female side. However, the left side of the brain is the intellect side, or the male side, and the right side of the brain is the creative side, or the female side. Humanity is afflicted with too much thinking and striving and destroying, and too little feeling and being and creating. I had learned that from being dragged by angels through my own “testosterone poisoning”.

I then thought of rainbow poetry mused by the feminine that fell out of me in 1994-95, which I had not yet posted on this website. Perhaps that would make my left hand bigger?

And then I thought, well, I have posted quite a bit more to this website than has Psycho Psychic.

Then, I thought of something mechanical.  I am retarded concerning anything mechanical.

Psycho Psychic had told me that she had been advised by one of her spirit guides that this website needed a public forum. So, I set out trying  to put a public forum on the site.

I tried to pay Go Daddy, which hosts this site, to do it for me. They replied that they were not set up to create a forum. I then tried to create a forum myself, by installing a popular forum plug-in, which didn’t work out, perhaps due to my IT ignorance, or perhaps it simply is not possible.

So, I jerry-rigged an “Anomalous (Unusual) Experiences Forum” page on the left side of the 2nd line in the top menu, and made it the homepage for  this site. The content in the new home page was dwarfed by the content in the old home page,  “Greetings Earthlings, from Wacko Wizard, Psycho Psychic & Friends”,  on the 1st line of the left side of the top menu. Both pages were dwarfed by the content in the blog posts in the right-hand side menu.

Wondering if that was what Psycho Psychic meant by my left hand is smaller than my right hand?, I made the “Greetings Earthlings” page the home page again. And, I wondered if this website needs a real public forum page? If so, somebody a lot smarter than I will have to create it.

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  1. deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.
    “an anomalous situation”

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