Kali doesn’t seem to like how men think and behave

Kali doesn’t seem to like how men think and behave.

Shiva, the story goes, figured the only way he could get Kali to chill, was to lie down under her feet.

a Kali “holographic projection” –

As for Kali and me, in the fall of 1992, the woman I then was with came to me in a dream and told me I had married Kali! I woke up, terrified. Kali then proceeded to turn me every which a way but loose. Still in progress.

I wonder if, some day, Kali will do that to all men, and to women who think and behave like men? Left brain over right brain, intellect over feelings, doing and striving over being, etc. This will be a very different world, if Kali does that. Very different.

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  1. deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.
    “an anomalous situation”


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