if you fear Big Brother knowing you think we are not alone in the Universe

If you fear Big Brother knowing you think we are not alone in the Universe, then keep on keeping your head down hoping he can’t read minds – yet – heh. But if you are in the heroes journey  ilk of Joseph Campbell, Luke Skywalker and Obe Wan Kenobi, then welcome to intuitive-explorations.com and join in the discussion.

What caused me, Wacko Wizard,  to write that above, was Psycho Psychic told me the other day that she has a heap of friends who think we are not alone and/or who have anomalous experiences, but they are afraid of saying it on Facebook or anywhere else online, because the U.S. Government will find out about it with Facebook’s and other help, or word of it will get out and their reputations will be ruined, they will lose friends, jobs, money, etc., and that’s why they don’t want to go public on social media.

Also, some of Psycho Psychic’s friends  had personal interactions with me or read my musings in the past, and they don’t like me and wonder why Psycho Psychic still has anything to do with me? I tell her that’s their problem, not mine. My problem is trying to keep a band of angels happy with me, which is not something I see bothers Psycho Psychic – yet, nor any of her friends she has told me about.

For them, I offer the thought that slavery comes in many forms, and most slaves don’t know they are slaves. And, as I tell Psycho Psychic from time to time, when you destroy your reputation, you can be free.

With all due respect to Master Yoda …

In the sci-fi movie, “Serenity”, the galactic Big Brother created a serum that was supposed to make the Empire’s subjects serene. The serum was tested on a remote colonized planet named Miranda. The serum worked great on maybe 95 percent of the Mirandans, but it turned the other 5 percent into Reapers, a kind of space-faring cannibal zombie. The Empire desperately tries to keep secret what caused the Reapers. The Empire just as desperately tries to keep secret a teenage girl it had developed into a ninja-like weapon beyond the galactic subjects’ wildest imaginings. Had the Empire succeeded in the cover ups, the movie would have had no heroes or heroines on the rebel star ship, Serenity. A bit more gripping than the Star Wars films.


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    1. Astute. In “Serenity”, River was reluctant. And, she was sort of like in a suspended state, until something happened that woke her up. In the end, the Reapers got a taste of her. They were no match for her. I wonder if there will ever be a sequel?

  1. Facebook activity about the above blog post:

    Jim wrote:
    The newest addition to our family, Laptop the chihuahua, bears a striking facial resemblance to Yoda. So, enjoyable it was to see the photographic accompaniment to your post, which arrived in my e-mail shortly after Donna made a jocular reference to a similarity between you and the venerable Jedi master. As Obi Wan might have said, “The Farce is strong in this one”.

    Wacko Wizard replied to Jim:
    In the chihuahua?
    I have no illusions I hold any kind of candle to Yoda. But then, he was invented by people I wonder ever even saw an ET or a space ship, or an angel, or a demon, and I have seen them all, and they are everywhere around, and that’s no Farce 🤣

    Meanwhile, yesterday morning, I told your and my mutual friend, Todd, of a dream the night before, in which I stood on a beach in Key West with another man, who sort of resembled Mike T. Out over the ocean was a big brownish sulfur-colored storm I told the man was headed toward shore and Key West. I woke up wondering what that was going to look like in my so-called waking life? The only thing I received from Key West yesterday was your comment above.
    You once said you were going to prove to me that so and so was not possessed by the DARK SIDE OF THE FORCE (Lucifer), which I had published was the case. I invited you to proceed with your proof. You then said your proof was so and so was the best salesmen you had ever met. He could get people to look only at what he wanted them to see, and not at what he didn’t want them to see. I said, That’s how Lucifer sells, I rest my case. Donna was there, and your then wife, and Todd. I wondered, Gee, did anyone here besides me get what just happened? Not that I could tell. I later wondered, Gee, did anyone beside me wonder if what later befell you [brain cancer], which I deeply regretted for you, had anything to do with what then transpired between you and me? You are a Buddhist. I knew Buddhists before I arrived in Key West in late 2000, who routinely wondered such things about what was happening to them and to other people they knew.
    Be that as it may, Earthlings, for the most part, sleep soundly in their dim impression they and the planet Earth are the center of the Force’s Universe. In fact, Earthlings are merely a distant outpost species, no more, nor less, important, I don’t imagine, than any other so-called sentient biological, chemical or artificial species in the Creation. Such species, of which there are many, operate below the vibration of the angelic realms, which is another matter altogether.
    As usual, Jim, I don’t expect you to believe anything I just wrote. Perhaps, though, a demonstration arranged by that which I described briefly above might change your view of, well, just about everything

  2. My dear Psycho Psychic –

    I told you there was nothing wrong with the herbs, but with the person reacting to them – Jim. You said what I was doing with the herbs in your dreams, was putting them under a magnifying glass which was drawing in and focusing sunlight on them. I said the herbs needed to be even stronger. You said you had for two days wanted to do a new blog post at this website, but you were being told by the Philosophy Professor, who started advising you, what?, maybe a year ago, to wait. I told you Jim’s Facebook message to me was what you were told to wait for. Maybe a week prior to your herb garden dreams, you told me of you and me standing on the cliff by the cottage by the sea. The ocean was much higher against the cliff than usual, and very large waves were coming in. I said that could mean a storm was coming, or it could be about moving into deeper spirit water.

    I have told you many times that I feel the people you tell me about, who are having anomalous experiences, are just dipping their toes into the water, and have not yet experienced the deep waters, which they will have to do, to really change. As in, die to who they now are and emerge someone entirely new. I told you after hearing of the herb garden dream, that the anomalous experiences of those people you know were important, and perhaps heralded a much fuller move into such experiences. I told you humanity has many problems, and I think for that to resolve, humanity itself needs to be taken into the deep water. I told you that it is not loving to coddle people, who are eating pabulum, but they should be fed grown up food so they can advance. Coddling enables them to keep eating pabulum. I said the angels who boss me around rough me up plenty. They do it out of love, to force me to grow. I wish they did that to everyone.

    As for Jim’s brain cancer. I already told you that God had nothing to do with that. It was karma Jim created in his dealings with me. I should have added, it also was karma stemming from his dealings with so and so, whom he proved, without even realizing he had proved it, was possessed by Lucifer – the lingo Jim and I use. So and so is a rapacious, greedy real estate tycoon, who has made a great many million$ with a great deal of help from Jim, who is a real estate development expert. Jim made a lot of money representing so and so. Jim was supposed to see that night in his home: that he had proved so and so was possessed by Lucifer, and then do something about it. But Jim did not see it. He has a very high IQ. He thinks he is smarter than most everyone else. For sure, he thinks he is smarter than me, and in the IQ sense, he is a great deal smarter. However, he was not trained by Jesus, Archangel Michael and Melchizedek, and by Kali. I was so trained. So I come from a very different place Jim cannot imagine even a little bit. He thinks I make up the angels.

    After that night at Jim’s home, it got very rough between him and me. After some years passed, he learned he had brain cancer. It was on the right side of his brain mostly, the creative or female side. The side that, if properly functioning, would have caused him to see he had proved so and so was possessed by Lucifer, and further dealings with so and so could result in contracting the same problem so and so had. After contracting cancer, Jim messaged me that he didn’t want to leave it like it was between us. I accepted his invitation. But he did not ever, that I could see, comprehend what he had brought on himself.

    I do not think Jim’s wife, Donna, views me at all like a Yoda. After Jim and his earlier wife split up and he and Donna got married, I caused Jim and Donna a great deal of trouble in a real estate development they were trying to put together for other rapacious, greedy developers. Although I think Jim has real affection for me, and he sometimes is in my dreams with messages I need to hear, I think in human form, he and Donna view me, essentially, as a farce. I told you that Jim’s Facebook message about the chihuahua was the brown sulfur-colored storm in my dream described in the post above.

    A lot of people think I’m a spiritual farce, including a number of people you know who have had dealings with me in the past because of your association with me.

    My homeless lady friend in Key West, who has had spirit visions and dreams since she was a young woman, had an anomalous experience last night, which she said caused her to shit in her pants. This was not a dream. She said she was lying awake on the ground in her hidey hole before dawn. She saw a shooting star. A man she never saw before walked over to her. He said she knew who he was and where he had come from. He told her she had a purpose in life and she needed to get to doing it. He said she needed to change and get out of Key West. He told her lots more in languages she did not understand. He turned and walked away. She said she figured he was an angel, the shooting star she had seen. I told her she would not be able to do what he told her to do, if she does not give up vodka. She said that’s my opinion. I said it is a fact. A little while later, I got a Facebook tag from a Key West friend. It included link to a breaking news article. The federal court in Miami, which had decided the landmark Pottinger v. City of Miami case brought by the ACLU, to stop that city from using its police to harass and even arrest and jail homeless people, for simply being homeless, had terminated the settlement agreement in that case. The same federal court has jurisdiction over Key West. The Pottinger case was the only thing that some what protected Key West’s homeless people from Key West police and city officials. I called my homeless lady friend back and told her what the Miami federal court had done, and she better take the angel’s lecture to heart. She said the shooting star and the angel had nothing to do with what the federal court had done. I said it is all part and parcel.

    That’s DEEP WATER.

    Seems my lady friend is allergic to my herbs, too. I have long felt you are allergic.

    In one of my dreams last night, my lady told me I would write about Jim and Jim this morning. Jim and his wife?

    Having been locked up once for sharing the anomalous experience that started my wacko journey, as reported toward the end of the “Greetings Earthlings” home page at this website, I can appreciate your friends’ concerns about what might befall them if they come out of the closet with their own anomalous experiences. However, there is yet another thing they might wish to consider, which is, what might befall them if they stay in the closet?

    Feel free to share this post and its reader comments with your friends who are having anomalous experiences.

    Wacko Wizard

  3. Jim and so and so say they are Buddhists. I am convinced Jim was a lama in a past life, but in this life he is pure capitalist.

    If Jim and so and so really are Buddhists, then they would know the brain cancer is karma, and they would seek through meditation to learn its cause, so they could try to resolve the karma in this life, instead of in a future life.

    I view every “medical illness” I, or other people, get as rooted in spirit. I seek to learn the spirit component to my “medical illnesses”. The spirit component is revealed to me in my dreams, or in sudden ah has, or someone else is shown it in their dreams, visions, visitations from angels, etc.


    You told me on the phone yesterday afternoon, about a cottage dream you had night before last, after you had made your first comment under this blog post.

    In your dream, there was a great crowd of people, too many for all of them to get into the cottage. There was some kind of media event. Like a book signing perhaps. I was holding forth like a celebrity. You were pissed at me, because I wasn’t giving you any credit.

    You also told me you dreamed the same night, many times you had dreamed it, of my homeless lady friend being hit in the head while she slept in her hidey hole. You said you did not share that dream with her when she and you talked on the telephone and she told you about being visited by the angel. I got onto you about not telling her what you had dreamed about her. I told her, if an angel had visited me and told me I had a purpose, I needed to change, and I needed to leave Key West, I would have been terrified and would have given up vodka and tried to get out of Key West as if my very life and soul depended on it. That’s not her way, though. At least not yet. I also told you that if I had had your dream about her, I would have been terrified not to call her right away, after waking up, and telling her or leaving a voicemail about the dream.

    This keeps coming to my thoughts.

    Luke 16:10: “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

    My lady friend, let’s call her “Cowgirl”, as it’s a name she has used in the past, told me this morning that she dreamed of me last night. I was on a white horse holding a wooden staff, pointing it forward, telling a lot of people on foot behind me, dressed in ordinary clothes, to move toward a lot of people dressed in blue across from us. She said she was reminded of the American Civil war. The people behind me started moving with me toward the people dressed in blue. I asked what shade of blue? She said, dark blue. I asked if it was the color of the Union Army uniform? Sort of like that, she said.

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