if you fear Big Brother knowing you think we are not alone in the Universe

If you fear Big Brother knowing you think we are not alone in the Universe, then keep on keeping your head down hoping he can’t read minds – yet – heh. But if you are in the heroes journey  ilk of Joseph Campbell, Luke Skywalker and Obe Wan Kenobi, then welcome to intuitive-explorations.com and join in the discussion.

What caused me, Wacko Wizard,  to write that above, was Psycho Psychic told me the other day that she has a heap of friends who think we are not alone and/or who have anomalous experiences, but they are afraid of saying it on Facebook or anywhere else online, because the U.S. Government will find out about it with Facebook’s and other help, or word of it will get out and their reputations will be ruined, they will lose friends, jobs, money, etc., and that’s why they don’t want to go public on social media.

Also, some of Psycho Psychic’s friends  had personal interactions with me or read my musings in the past, and they don’t like me and wonder why Psycho Psychic still has anything to do with me? I tell her that’s their problem, not mine. My problem is trying to keep a band of angels happy with me, which is not something I see bothers Psycho Psychic – yet, nor any of her friends she has told me about.

For them, I offer the thought that slavery comes in many forms, and most slaves don’t know they are slaves. And, as I tell Psycho Psychic from time to time, when you destroy your reputation, you can be free.

With all due respect to Master Yoda …

In the sci-fi movie, “Serenity”, the galactic Big Brother created a serum that was supposed to make the Empire’s subjects serene. The serum was tested on a remote colonized planet named Miranda. The serum worked great on maybe 95 percent of the Mirandans, but it turned the other 5 percent into Reapers, a kind of space-faring cannibal zombie. The Empire desperately tries to keep secret what caused the Reapers. The Empire just as desperately tries to keep secret a teenage girl it had developed into a ninja-like weapon beyond the galactic subjects’ wildest imaginings. Had the Empire succeeded in the cover ups, the movie would have had no heroes or heroines on the rebel star ship, Serenity. A bit more gripping than the Star Wars films.


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