does religion understand God, or Hell?

Does religion understand God, or Hell?

A friend sent this link:

I replied to my friend:

I read the article, seems like a research paper, kinda. I submitted this comment, don’t know if it got through:
“I don’t recall what the afterlife is like, but I’ve had countless direct, palpable, sleeping and waking encounters with supernatural beings, angels mostly, but also demons, and one obvious ET encounter, so I know that all exists, and I know the demons aren’t something I’d care to spend time with on purpose; and I know, which I can’t prove either, and to think I could would be madness on my part, that plenty of what is awry on this world, the general and the various dramas, is influenced behind the scenes by demons, which jumps the political and scientific systems, even as it seems to befuddle, even beguile, the religious systems, which seem to think they, being religious systems, are near to God, but it seems that is for God to decide.”
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  1. deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.
    “an anomalous situation”

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