Be careful about asking a mystic for what is in his tap water

A bit of be careful what you ask a mystic for frolic yesterday under this public Facebook page post:

If perhaps maybe you do feel maybe (wink, wink) we are not alone, check out and the musings of two certified stranded weirdos, Psycho Psychic and Wacko Wizard. But then, if you be a worrying about Big Brother peeping-tom you, and the whole wide world knowing you are a bone fide weirdo maybe not exactly from this planet originally, then you can just keep on keeping your head down and hoping Big Brother can’t read minds – yet – heh

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Anomalous-Unusual Experiences Don’t smoke anything, drink anything, that alters mind/moods
Doubter I some how doubt that
Anomalous-Unusual Experiences Doubt, or believe, what you wish. This world is covered with people who rely on what they think is so, regardless of what is so.
Anomalous-Unusual Experiences If you read what all I posted at, what you read actually happened. Even the parts you might believe did not happen. And, yes, most of it is really far out by what is viewed as normal thinking.
Doubter I want whatever is infecting your tap water. fr dude send me that shit
Anomalous-Unusual Experiences Are you sure you want it? I can’t give it to you, but I know some angels who can, but that will be their call to make, and how they give it to you and the effect(s) it might have on you will be their call, as will how you respond/react to it will be your call. If you are game, and your soul is calling for it, which might be the case, they you could take an interesting trip that might take a while, and you might end up being very different and your way of looking at and dealing will life very different, too.
 Doubter meth?
Anomalous-Unusual Experiences You wish? Meth, LSD, peyote, ayahuasca, etc. would make me so much easier to try explain. Sorry to be such a bother, but I am something angels found and did stuff to, for a long time, and how that began is found toward the bottom of the home page.
The nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind
Anomalous-Unusual Experiences I wonder if you will be given what is being put into my “tap water”. If you are given it, you are going for a ride over which you have very little control.

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