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February 5, 2019

Seeing Beyond the Normal Range of Human Sight: Is it Inheritable?
by Shadow Man, as told to Psycho Psychic

When I was a young boy, it began with seeing “shadow people” walking around in my bedroom. I reported this to my parents and they assured me that sometimes children believe there is a boogie man in their closet or a monster under the bed, but that there isn’t, and not to worry. I was safe.

Within a number or months, maybe a year, I also began seeing “shadow people” in other rooms of our house. I cannot describe them as anything more than shadows. In time, I became used to it and unafraid.

I continued to speak with my parents about the shadow people, and over a series of months, they had me checked by our family doctor, and by an eye doctor. No abnormality of health or vision was detected.

At University, occasionally I would think my roommate had walked into our dorm room when he had not. I would turn to say something to him, and see instead a shadow, perhaps similar in size to him.

I’m well into adulthood now. I work in a corporate environment. Shadow people walk around the office, my home, malls, and other places.

A few months ago, one of my children came to me, telling me: “Daddy, I see shadows of people in my bedroom.”  I told him that I see shadows too. That I’ve seen them since I was a little bit younger than he is now. This past fall, he was slated for a school physical. We mentioned it to his pediatrician, who suggested an eye exam, and also referred us to a neurologist, who ordered an MRI just to be safe. No abnormality has been detected.

We are left to assume that the seeing of shadows may be an inherited trait.

Note from Psycho Psychic: Shadow Man opted to share his experience anonymously due to concerns for personal privacy. Shadow Man is comfortably communicating with his son, as they compare notes about the experience of shadow people.

January 28, 2018

When I was a boy, about once a week my mother’s Southern Baptist parents took me and my brother downtown to eat in a popular cafeteria and then see a movie. Maybe when I was 10, after leaving the movie theater one night, as we were crossing the street at a stoplight, I looked up and saw a lot of stars and said something like, “There are so many stars, there must be people living on some of them.” My grandmother said something like, “Maybe they are.” That became a line in a fun, kick ass novel that eventually had its way with me (made me write it). KUNDALINA, ALABAMA was about a Pleiadean human colony located a bit south of Birmingham. I hoped when it was published that it would make me rich and famous. Alas, today it can be found in online used and rare book stores. Here’s a link to a blog post at this site, which goes a bit deeper, broader and higher: