All want the security of the well fed pig, says Empress

“Pigs in mud”

All want the security of the well fed pig.

Horror at the baseness unrecognized.

A lifetime spent in shirt stuffing.

And pen comparison.

Is truth more palatable when honeyed?

Is a stark soulscape less so with the eyes of Monet?

May my affectations always be known and understood.

Wacko Wizard to Empress:

email kudo from a friend: 

“Thanks for encouraging “Empress” to write. Her pigs poem is extraordinary.”


Most of the time I feel it’s vanity to write or even think. I’m sure you understand. Working on being more the fool on the hill. Our lives, we make so much of our thoughts but unless they make something of us, it’s likely blowing smoke up our own asses and there’s examples aplenty of people doing so with far greater eloquence than I could.

I can write, I do not have a thing to say.

I’m spending this lifetime reading, watching.

Trying to make sense of anything. So far I have figured out that it is best to be kind but watch your ass. “Call on God but steer away from the rocks.”

My mind is like Forrest Gump, I swear.

simple 😃

Wacko Wizard

And butter don’t melt in your mouth, either – heh 


Knowing of the world and being worldly are so different, you know this well.

Wacko Wizard

yep, and Jesus said to be in but not of this world


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  1. deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.
    “an anomalous situation”
    synonyms: abnormalatypicalnontypicalirregularaberrantexceptionalfreakfreakishoddbizarrepeculiarunusual, out of the ordinary, inconsistentincongruousdeviant, deviating, divergenteccentric;

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