Lucifer is a species

Text of Wacko Wizard’s Lucifer is a species email to Young Prophet yesterday morning:

Subject: dream message last night

“Lucifer is a species.”

Pandora’s box?

People who cannot, or will, not see reality?

People who cannot, or will not, accept or tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but?

People who have no remorse for their fuck ups?

I had emailed this to Young Prophet the day before:

Stephen King Has A Chilling Theory On What Comes Next For Trump Supporters
Stephen King shared a tale about the real-life nightmare currently unfoldingaround the nation as immigration raids announced by President Donald Trump began.And the bestselling horror writer had a dark prediction about what will come next:> First, you stoke hatred and fear of minorities. Then you round them up and put them in camps. Next, you send out raiding parties to get those who have been driven into hiding. The armbands come next right?>> — Stephen King (@StephenKing) July 14, 2019 King has ..

Received the other day from a lower Florida Keys Republican friend, who voted for Donald Trump in 2016:

Thought you might find this interesting.

From: Info Keys Elections <>
Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2019 4:11 PM
To: Info Keys Elections <>
Subject: Political Parties information

Good Afternoon Candidates and Friends,

Below please find the totals of Monroe County voters by party.

Please note:  Independent Voters in Florida are members of the Independent Party of Florida.  Many times people use the term “Independent Voter” when referring to voters that are not affiliated to a party this is not true in Florida.

Major Political Parties

Minor Political Parties

  • No Party AffiliationNPA = Monroe County as of today 14,400

I hope this is useful information.  Please remember we are here if you need us.

  1. Joyce Griffin

Supervisor of Elections

Monroe County, FL

(305) 292-3416 – Phone

(305) 292-3406 – Fax  – Register to vote on line, Change your address, or change your party  – Request a Vote by Mail ballot – Check your Vote By Mail Status

I replied same day:

that count and ratio seems about what it has been, except perhaps a few more Republicans

I replied again yesterday morning:

Given Trump’s recent go back where you came from tweet storm directed at four Democrat U.S. Congressmen women with non-white foreign origins, I wonder how many Republican voters in “one human family” Key West will jump the Trump ark and vote Democrat, or write in a Republican who actually believes all men and women are created equal, or vote for another party’s candidate, or simply not vote at all? Although I think the Democrat ark also is seriously unseaworthy, sad to say, I would not be surprised if even one Key West Republican jumps the Trump ark.

Has America become a cult nation?

Has America become a cult nation?

My homeless lady friend is blond and was born a seer. I met her in late 2015. The soul drawing of her drew itself through me maybe in 2004. She  told me that, when she was a young woman, she was taught several bird-feather shaman rituals by an elder Native American shaman. Not long ago, she told me that she was shown me in a dream when she was young woman, and was told that some day she would meet me.

Three days ago, she reported a dream of the night before, in which she saw a lot of men on horseback, wearing knightly armor, armed with swords, bows and arrows, and spears or lances, charging across somewhere on the plains toward a castle in which a bad man was hold up. In my dreams, horses usually represent politics/candidates.

The day after my homeless lady friend’s dream of the knightly horsemen, Psycho Psychic told me of a dream in which her left hand was severely cut, as if intentionally, and a healer fellow put ointment on it, which healed it.

Psycho Psychic told me of another dream she had twice, about a very tall man, at least 7 feet, in a white suit, who came to her in the cottage by the sea, about which she dreams most nights. He told her he was trying to get in touch with me by telephone regarding Young Prophet, but he had not been able to get through to me. Psycho Psychic said she wondered if the man in the white suit was Archangel Michael?

Young Prophet often reports to me dreams and waking visions of Michael, and other angels, visiting him and telling him things about himself, me and other people, which aren’t always particularly pretty, but are informative. Michael has been with me since early 1987. In some religious art, Michael has wings and carries a large sword.

Twice in the past few days, Young Prophet reported to me that someone, who had his cell phone number, used a sim card and a cell phone to try to get into his smart phone, and his cell provider caught it and shut down his cell service to protect him and his phone. When Young Prophet’s cell service was down, and when it was up, I was having trouble reaching him. And, I was having trouble sifting through and getting a sense of what the tall man in the white suit wanted  to tell me.

Hold all those thoughts.

Although, it has looked to me for some time that America, with its many different religious, social and political sects, has become a cult nation, yesterday, I learned that Americans and the whole wide world have FOX News to thank for  the emperor has no clothes video below of President Trump at a recent MAGA rally. Click on the FOX News image/link and watch one brave man strip Trump naked with a photo of Trump and Jerry Epstein. Then, as the man is escorted out of the MAGA rally, at Trump’s command, the MAGAs go to chanting, “USA, USA!” As if they themselves have just won the ladies soccer World Cup, which the USA ladies team did just a few days ago, anchored by a woman soccer phenomenon, who openly slams Trump and takes a knee during the National Anthem. The US ladies soccer team won the cup twice in a row, doing their part to make America great again, while Trump and his MAGAs in the FOX News video below seem bent on ignoring what does not please them and applauding themselves. Do I think the ladies soccer team is a message from God to Trump and his MAGAs? Does the sun rise in the morning?

Yesterday, this below arrived from Psycho Psychic, who said she had found it while cleaning out old stuff in her home.

Koresh and his cult in Waco, on the Texas plains,  made world history in April 1993, when their compound was assaulted by the FBI and U.S. Military Forces. Koresh and many of his followers were killed. Attorney General Janet Reno ordered the attack and caught hell. I told Psycho Psychic, who voted for Trump, that it looked to me that Trump shares similar sex tastes with Epstein and Koresh.

Also not  by chance, which does not exist in the real worlds, Young Prophet told me yesterday, that he once talked with a woman who was one of Koresh’s young wives in the cult. I later found this online:
Video: Wives of Waco: Women describe being chosen by David Koresh
Video: Wives of Waco: Women describe being chosen by David…

Video: Wives of Waco: Women describe being chosen by David Koresh

I told Young Prophet that in the FOX News video, which I had emailed him, it looked to me that Trump and his MAGAs want MAGA boys to be like Trump and Epstein, and MAGA girls to be like Trump and Epstein’s  young women sex partners. Young Prophet said Trump and his MAGAs remind him of Koresh and his followers, and of Adolph Hitler and his followers. I agreed.

I told Young Prophet that I had a lady radio talk show host amiga in Salt Lake City.  From time to time she interviewed me on her show. The Salt Lake Mormons and conservative Christians who called in didn’t seem to care for my take on much of anything religious.

One day when I was scheduled to be on my amiga’s show, she called around breakfast time to ask if I had heard the news about Waco? Yes, I said. She asked if I still wanted to do the interview? Sure, I said. I’ll pretend to be the Devil, in Waco. She said she would promo that on the air before the show.

She called at the appointed time and asked if this was the Devil she was speaking to in Waco, Texas? I said, yes. Why was I in Waco? Well, I said, I had to interrupt my vacation to check out what had happened in Waco. I lived on Maui, watching watching pretty women in bikinis on beaches, because people were doing my work for me.

One woman caller asked why I had a southern accent? I said, because I’m in Waco, Texas.

It was a WILD hour on my friend’s talk show. She called me afterward, laughing her ass off. We laughed our asses off together. But it wasn’t funny. Something horrible had happened. Koresh was a monster. The FBI agents and Reno and the US Government were monsters.

The FOX News video above speaks for itself. If I were running candidate forums in 2020, I would run that video, and then ask Trump for his comments. I would ask Trump if he thought God, or an angel, might have sent that brave man to the MAGA rally? I would have told Trump that I would bet my life and soul that is what happened.

Wacko Wizard, over and out

Past Lives Impacting the Present?!?

First diagnosed in 1983, I have been treated for ocular histoplasmosis by some of the world’s best ophthalmologists specializing in conditions of the retina. Twice since first diagnosis, I have been legally blind for a few weeks. However each time visual disaster occurred, I would be told of a new experimental treatment, and referred to a randomized trial, or to a doctor currently using whatever new treatment had just been approved. Thus here I am, thirty-six years later, still seeing well enough to do most anything I want. Driving into sun glare can be an issue, and so I avoid that. But that is all.

Recently, a doctor mentioned to me rather casually, that were he to show my retina scans to other eye docs of any specialty and ask them to speculate concerning visual acuity, the most optimistic might guess visual acuity to be 20/400, though probably worse. And yet my vision tests at 20/40 or a bit better.

I’m uncertain why this comment caused me to flash back to 1989 and a group “back to the cause” regression I had participated in. A discussion group hosted a hypnotherapist certified in back to the cause regression and past life regression, who performed a group, back to the cause regression.

We were to think of some issue in our life that we would like to better understand. The issue that came to my mind was my history with plants. People were constantly gifting me with house plants. It was a death sentence for each plant, for if I followed all instructions regarding care and watering of a plant, it would die. If I did not follow instructions for a specific plant, it would die. I’d saved baby birds, abandoned kittens, and was proficient at many skills. But something was amiss between myself and plants. Also herbs.

The regression landed me in another lifetime, Scotland, during the burning times. The tale that ensued revealed that I functioned as one who today would be known as an herbalist. In the regression, whether metaphor or memory, I was headed to market when a male partner in herbalism caught up with me as I was leaving my home. He was hurried, out of breath, and happy to have located me quickly. He spoke of a woman who had endured hard labor for more than two days. The midwife and her family feared losing her and the baby she was trying to birth. He asked me to come with him and assist in the delivery.

I was fearful, and hesitant. I asked if he were certain it was “safe.” He replied that yes it was; they had specifically asked for us.

In 1989, I knew little to nothing about herbalism or how herbalists work, whether now, or in times past. And yet within the “memory” we boiled herbal concoctions of which the woman in labor inhaled. We mixed other concoctions we gave her to sip. I recall the delivery of a large baby, healthy and whole, and who cried out loudly.

At about this point in the regression, the hypnotist asked us to then go to the last day of life in that time. I found myself standing in a cell with my male herbalist friend. He commented that a friend of ours had already been executed. I knew I was next to be executed for sorcery, and after that it would also happen to my friend. At this point, I could not see and, once back out of hypnosis, assumed there was perhaps a hood over my head. They came for me and began leading me out. I felt that I was to be burned at the stake. Yet suddenly there was a snap, and then nothingness. I was OUT of that body.

And we were brought out of hypnosis, back to present time. I felt I had received potent insight regarding my lousy luck in attempting to raise plants, in this current incarnation. Obviously, if I had been executed in a past life for working as an herbalist; a part of my soul self was making absolutely certain I did not get into trouble with plants again.

And that was that. The regression proved to be an interesting enough experience that I went on to become certified as a hypnotherapist with specialty in back to the cause regression and past life regression. I prefer to use back to the cause regression as often the root source of a current problem resides within our current incarnation, rather than a past one.

I wrote of the experience in a newsletter. A reader of that newsletter became intrigued, as he had assumed that anyone accused of witchcraft or sorcery during the burning times, had been accused of some evil or cavorting with the devil, not something as helpful as saving two lives. What he turned up however was interesting. Particularly in Scotland, the accusation was sometimes “sorcery” rather than “witchcraft.” And there were some individuals who had been executed for “doing good, but by evil means.” In other words, the pious of the community would have assumed we averted God’s Will by saving the mother and infant.

This gentleman also explained to me that through his research he had learned that during torture of those accused sometimes eyeballs were plucked out. It was likely that I was unable to see as a result of this, rather than having a hood placed over my head. Further, often one was led toward the stake by two men, one on either side, each holding the end of a rope affixed around the victim’s neck.  At a signal they would each yank the rope, snapping the victim’s neck.

In the aftermath of that session, I did not think about my visual issues in this, my current, life. I’m uncertain why I did not connect having been blinded by torturers claiming righteousness in a past life, and my vision having been saved many times, in my current life, by heroes on the forefront of latest innovative treatments. I had gone into the session seeking insight regarding my then current experience with plants. After the session, and to this day, I have had no further issues with plants. I can enjoy house plants and they do reasonably well. Except for one aging huge cactus that is currently not looking as healthy as it might.

But recently, after workup by a new doctor, the connection burst through. Perhaps that back to the cause regression carried a message about not only my history with plants, and healing of an unconscious carried forward concern about that…. but perhaps also a message concerning root source of visual issues, with perhaps a touch of karma tossed in.

I am thankful that I am not now living in a time and culture in which one may point the finger at another accusing evil, and the finger pointer’s word be then taken as fact, to the detriment, torture, imprisonment, and/or execution of the innocent accused. Let not such evil ways ever again prevail. I know that in some parts of the world, they do still prevail. But for the most part, it does not float in my country today.

Is America one nation under God?

That calendar entry in a coffee shop this morning caused me, Wacko Wizard, to ponder: Is America one nation under God?

I was in grammar school when “under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance.

I found this explanation online this morning:

“In 1954, at President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s urging, the Congress legislated that “under God” be added, making the pledge read: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

I thought this morning, that while God is in all religions, I know of but three that have adherents who believe their God is the only God and they are the chosen people: Judaism, Christendom, Islam. I know members of all three religions, who do not believe that and think God is in all religions.

My passage through the New Age in the 1980s and 90s introduced me to lots of people who seemed absolutely allergic to the word, God. They also did not believe Evil existed. The were sure, if they thought good thoughts and visualized getting what they want, it would happen. Some of them actually did A COURSE IN MIRACLES and learned getting their buttons punched a lot and not reacting (the internal jihad) was a big piece of growing closer to God.

Some years ago, I started thinking America was either arrogant, or naive, or both, to claim in its Pledge that it was under God. As if Americans had a lock on God. Like elements within the three religions above think they have a lock on God.

I started thinking what America had done was challenge God to put America to the test of whether it actually was under God.

Of course, in the big scheme, all nations are under God. Every person on this planet is under God. But in the elitist sense, boasting your religion or country is under God rings a fake pious tone. 

I only learned during the Democratic Party presidential candidate debate that Marianne Williamson, a new age priestess, is one of the candidates. What she said during the debate I’m sure wowed her many followers, who had made her financially secure. Yet, she seemed to me to be a bit out of touch with the bread and butter issues burning big, deep holes in Americans, and in America.

Also, I recalled not long after 9/11, in a Unity Church basement, Unity is the New Age brand of Christianity, watching a video Williamson had made and was selling. In it, she said America needed to counter attack.

I recalled three nights before 9/11, when a familiar voice asked me in my sleep, “Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?” I woke up, wondered what that was about, made the prayer.

Three days later, I figured I knew why.

While everyone around us was crazed, my girlfriend and I were in a state of grace. Our concern was America would retaliate and it would get much worse. It never occurred to us America would start two new wars.

A year to the day later, I was asked in my sleep to make the same prayer, but that time I asked for the Divine Intervention for all of humanity in my sleep, and I ended it with, “And let it begin in me!” Oh, wow! Did that turn out to be fun.

After Barack Obama campaigned on hints the Afghanistan and Iraq wars needed to end, he instead accepted the Nobel Peace prize and continued the wars. 

After Donald Trump said the Iraq war was invented and dumb, he got elected and continued that war and the war in Afghanistan, saying the natural resources of those countries should be used to reimburse America for those wars. Today, he conducts a military parade in Washington, D.C.

The only 2020 presidential candidate, who actually seems to want those wars to end, is Democrat Representative U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard. She was in the U.S. Army National Guard and did time in Iraq.

I imagine if America was not at war, every American citizen could have affordable health care if the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Attorney General reduced the military budget and cracked down on the U.S. pharmaceutical monopolists.

I imagine that would please God.