death and rebirth: baptisms in water, fire and spirit

Several things happened in my daily life recently, and in my dreams, to point me toward the topic of today’s post about death and rebirth: baptisms in water, fire and spirit.
Historically, it has not been easy for God’s messengers, as the Bible amply demonstrates. In fact, often as not, God’s messengers are not radiant and pretty. They are, well, grubby and not pretty.
There is a reason for this. Two reasons, actually.
The messengers themselves are being put through hell to get to heaven, a beleaguered homeless lady friend said the other day, after I told her she is being put through God’s purification fire, whether she liked it or not, and somebody had to tell her that, whether she liked it or not.
The second reason is, the people the messengers are sent, such as the city officials in the city where my homeless lady friend lives, need to hear what the messengers have to say, to give them a chance to move closer to God, or not. And, the messengers are grubby, and not pretty, to give those people a chance to get over themselves and see just how grubby and not pretty they also are.
I have in my “orbit” several close friends being put through hell by God’s angels.  Each of them is struggling. Each of them is being stretched. Each of them is not happy with it. My observation of them is, the more highly they think of themselves, the harder it is for them to submit to the … training. The harder it is for them to … see themselves accurately. The harder it is for them to … become obedient.
One of them told me yesterday, that he was briefly visited by the war angel Khamael earlier in the day. Khamael told him that he was going to have a really rough go of it. He, in fact, was having a really rough go of it already. He tried to brush the visit off. Then, he was visited by the archangel Michael, who told him the same thing, and that he will have as rough a go of it as my homeless lady friend. Then, his day got a lot rougher, which is saying something, because it already was horrible for him.

I told my friend the angels do this to some people out of great love, and I wonder why the angels don’t do it to everyone? I said it is important to try not to react, and while sometimes a tantrum is appropriate, per Jesus in the temple with the money changers and merchants, it’s best to not throw tantrums.
In the Gospels, John the Baptist said one greater than he would come, who would baptize in fire and spirit. When that one came to John the Baptist, to be baptized in water, John said this was that one.
The Gospels say John the Baptist’s baptism was of repentance and a fresh start. I can imagine there would be some, or a lot of tears, depending on the depth and sincerity of the repentance.
Once upon a time, I read somewhere that John the Baptist nearly drowned people, to induce near-death experiences, which produced spiritual shifts. I found several links online just now to several articles saying same about John the Baptist’s baptism.
Nowhere in the Gospels do I see Jesus baptized anyone in water. He did just what John the Baptist said he would do. He challenged people ongoing. He told his disciples they would be stretched and some of them would be killed. He put them into fire, and then at Pentecost the Holy Spirit came to them and, using fire and spirit, grew them from children into adults, who could serve God. I can imagine along the way they shed lots of tears.
The disciples, the twelve and the secret ones, died while still alive and became something else entirely. That is what Jesus meant by dying and being reborn. He himself experienced the fire and spirit baptism before he died physically, according to the Gospels. And perhaps he experienced a NDE when he was baptized by John the Baptist?
Not a new philosophy, actually. Death and rebirth was in spiritual traditions before Jesus’ time, and it was part of spiritual traditions after his time. The water and spirit parts always were more popular than the fire part, though. A lot more popular, actually.
I hated the fire part. I still don’t like it. But if the angels had not provided it, they would have shortchanged me. Robbed me. That’s what I keep telling my friends, and anyone else who offers me the opportunity to say it to them.

meditating on the heart and living, instead of the afterlife

Meditating on the heart and living, instead of the afterlife

In my two previous blot posts at this website, I somewhat introduced and commented on Drunvalo Melchizedek, after watching this video:


I don’t agree much with Drunvalo’s approach to spiritual development, because it seems to me to be yet another attempt to create a messiah, or messiahs, from elsewhere. Beings from other star systems, dimensions, etc. I think what is most important is how we deal with what life serves us day and night, in our sleep and when we are so-called awake. I think we are on this planet to deal with what life serves us here day and night. I think spending a lot of time looking to what lies beyond in the afterlife, is, well, not what we are here to do and experience.

However, I agree with Drunvalo, that there is one Spirit and it is in and affecting everything, and what we do affects everything, too. Sort of like plucking one strand on a spider web affects the entire web. Thus, it is important how we pluck that strand on which we are, as we are who feel it the most.

I also agree with Drunvalo, that somewhere in each person’s heart is a library or CD, so to speak, in which our personal history and being are stored. That information can be accessed in bits and pieces during mediation, dreams, waking visions, hypnotherapy, past life regressions, revelations, etc.

I also agree with Drunvalo, that a very good spiritual practice is to meditate daily in our own heart, which has its own reasons the mind can never understand.

Be careful what you ask for, also comes to mind.

Here’s a personal example, with several twists and turns.

About three months ago, I started coming down with a sore throat, which seemed peculiar in the way it onset. My voice got weak. It progressed into sinus congestion, and into my lungs, and then came coughing. I wondered if it was fallout from a black spell a magician had been paid to cast on me a year previously, of which a friend of mine, “Mountain Wisdom”, told me he had dreamed and also been advised in visits from angels when he was awake.

More recently, Mountain Wisdom had told me of a follow up visit from angels, in which he was told the magician had been called on the carpet by his magician organization, and he was booted out by that organization’s leaders, and was told there would be consequences, and then he died in his sleep.  Mountain Wisdom said the angels told him to tell me that the bad spell was resolved in the spirit, but I should follow God’s guidance and perhaps I should see a physician about my throat.

I was reluctant to do that, because I had seen an ear, nose and throat doctor a year prior, and she had looked down my throat at my vocal cords with an instrument that goes though the nostrils, one at a time. She then sent me to have a Cat scan, and she said she didn’t see anything on my vocal cords in that X-Ray, but she wanted me to go to an ENT surgeon a long drive from where I lived, who had a more advanced instrument to look at my vocal cords more clearly. I wondered why she had waited that long to tell me she did not have that more advanced instrument?

Then, I dreamed of an ENT doctor, who once did surgery on my left vocal cord, to remove a small growth he said lab results indicated was not malignant. He thought it probably was caused by a virus. He asked in the dream if I wanted him to take look? I said, Yes. He put his instrument down my left nostril, and then down the right nostril, and said he didn’t see anything, but there was something small on the back of my tongue, and did I want him to take it off? I said, Yes, and I felt something being scraped off the back of my tongue, and the dream ended.

About then, Psycho Psychic reported a dream she had of me being told by someone that I’d had a wife before my first wife, and I was strenuously arguing that was not so. I told Psycho Psychic that I had not had a wife before my first wife, yet her dream had to be relevant for me, but in what way? I said I’d had a girlfriend during my freshman year in college, she was a year younger and still in high school. I had really loved her, but my not knowing much about sex had screwed up our relationship. I ended up with a sinus infection shortly thereafter, which would remain chronic the rest of my life, and sometimes it became acute. Were she and the sinus infection my “1st wife”? Was that the explanation for what I was experiencing in my throat, sinuses and lungs, and not the spirit attack?

A physician friend then came to me in a dream, and said, “Sinus.” I told him about the dream, asked how a sinus infection would be treated? He told me what antibiotic would be used for an acute sinus infection, Augmentin, which would not be much help for a chronic sinus infection.

I did nothing. My voice improved. The lung congestion got more difficult.  It felt like my right lung had pneumonia. That’s where respiratory tract infections tend to end up in me – my right lung.

I finally went to a walk-in medical clinic about two  weeks ago and had to wait a while, but then got with the doctor and it went quickly. She had my chest X-Rayed. There was no pneumonia, but there was flim in my right lung, as I had told her. She prescribed Augmentin. 10 days. That started turning the lung and sinus symptoms around, but I knew from past experiences that I needed to deal with the heart issues. The metaphysics.

I dragged my feet. Then, I had more dreams about my high school sweetheart. And there were other pointers toward her. I looked for her on Facebook this morning and did not find her there. I don’t know what do next? Maybe there is a woman in my life, who desires romance and I am not providing it?

There are two such women, actually. Two entirely different situations. Both women say they are  having amorous dreams about me. One of them has been having such dreams for a long time. I am not having sex with either of them. I think the dreams are saying, first, I have important business with both women.

One of the women is my first wife, mother of my children. I dreamed two nights ago of when our first child had died of sudden infant death syndrome, which messed us both up during the 4th year of our marriage.  The right side of  the body is the male side. Perhaps my son’s “remains” are in my right lung? His mother told me recently that perhaps I had gotten the respiratory infection from her.

I dreamed during a nap yesterday of being instructed in the “Stayman convention” in the card game known as bridge, which I like to play. Stayman is a 2 club response to your playing partner opening 1 No Trump. 2 clubs tells your partner you have 4 hearts, or 4 spades, or 4 hearts and 4 spades, or  5 of one and  4 of the other. In card symbolism and in my dreams, clubs represent the Royal Family (Holy  Trinity), and for me, my immediate blood family relations. Hearts and spades represent love and truth.

I think maybe my 1st wife and I need to talk more about the son we lost. I was taken though several rounds of deep emotional releasing over his passing, starting many years after he left this life and set his mother and I our journeys. Releasings instigated by angels, and, or, something in my heart.

I don’t think his mother has had that experience yet. She has many medical problems, accompanied by a lot of pain, which I think are rooted in the trauma and grief of our son’s death, which tore us both up terribly. Perhaps that now is coming around for healing? I hope so.

I don’t know enough about Drunvalo Melchizedek to know if he sees things in these ways. In the video, he seems very focused on intelligent life forms not on this planet, and going to join them. I don’t see how that approach will do much for the two women in my life, or for me. Nor for anyone else I know.

Are politics, religions and wars, slavery? (Do God, angels, ETs have the keys to the locks?)

Are politics, religions and wars, slavery? (Do God, angels, ETs, have the keys to the locks?)
Below are comments to yesterday’s post, started by a very old friend I met after moving to New and Old Age Boulder, Colorado, in September 1987. My friend lives in Vermont and remains really high on Bernie Sanders.
  • Old Friend nice recountment. Yes, inside job. Just mentioned this to a friend yesterday who just can’t seem to get it.
    • Wacko Wizard About 2 weeks ago, I “chanced” to listen to a U.S. Marine sniper Vietnam combat vet – really bad combat – recount his experiences in that war. He wanted all around him to listen. He did not want to be interrupted. I got the sense he had told that awful tale many times. He was impressive. Seriously impressive. When he moved past his experiences over there, to the claim that America had lost that war, he said America won. President Nixon bombed Hanoi to the peace table. I said, well, yes, but Hanoi never intended to stop fighting; they intended to wait until America had pulled out, then they would take South Vietnam. Asians have a much longer view than Americans. He did not like my saying that. He challenged my view of Asians. I said my father fought the Japanese. I did not say my father got my younger brother into the Air National Guard, because he did not like the Vietnam war; he did not think it was anything like World War II. I did tell the story in my post to which you responded, of the fellow telling me he was in a CIA unit in Vietnam when the French were trying to retake it, and his unit’s job was to try to help the Vietnamese beat the French so America could replace France there. The former Marine really reacted when he heard me say that. Said it didn’t happen. I said the man told me it happened and he was there when it happened. I had not challenged the Marine on any of his own reported experiences. I only shot off my mouth when he  went into politics. I never criticized any Viet vet for being over there. I admired and was in awe of what the ones in combat had experienced. But as I grew older and learned more, I came to view that war as a total disaster; that it was not worth one American or Vietnamese wounded or killed in action, or battle-shocked, or PTSD’d. I think many Americans simply cannot face, or don’t want to face, or don’t have enough facts to help them face, what their government actually is capable of doing, and does do, both outside and inside its own borders. I don’t know if there is anything that can be done about that, either. Probably, it’s something each American comes to on his/her own, or doesn’t. It’s like a religion. Good up to a point, then not so good sometimes.
    • Old Friend WWII got a lot of distance for us in loyalty and patriotism. Sweetness of us all working together to save the world from a common simple enemy. I think in a way it put us all to sleep. Some cling fearfully to that image, because if that’s not true today …. what do they have? Being awake in these times has pain. Also freedom and joy. Sloan, you help me remember those two things. 
    • Wacko Wizard In the serial movie “Jericho”, summarized in my post yesterday, the awakening was hard for all of the Americans, but some of them were so upset that they were able to make the shift faster, while others were lagging and even fighting their woke up brothers and sisters. You know I really don’t care for Donald Trump, and I worry also that, if he is not reelected, then a civil war might erupt. I wish I felt better about the Democrats. So far, I don’t, although I see some bright lights there, I hope. Loyalty to the Party, on both sides of the aisle, really bothers me, though. Where’s the freedom in that? Is not that slavery? I wish I had solutions. I don’t. I don’t think I’d care to live anywhere else, based on what all I have seen personally outside of America, and based on what I read and see on TV and online. Yet the day might come when I do want to live somewhere else. I worry for my children and their families. Maybe ETS or angels or God or Mother Nature will cause a shift?
    • Old Friend I like to listen to this guy, Drunvalo Melchizedek. Not a religious leader, but is also tuned in and talked about looking toward the light. Helps me relax. Can’t remember if you and I ever talked about him ..
    • Wacko Wizard I read stuff years ago that Drunvalo had put online and into publications. I don’t know what he’s doing now. I think recall thinking he was pointing people outward for help, instead of inward. I will look him up online. I also thought the name he had taken was curious. I was being put through the ringer by Melchizedek, and it was nothing like what Drunvalo was describing about Melchizedek. I’ll go see what he’s doing now.
    • Wacko Wizard Well, this Q & A starts out with Drunvalo talking about the external changes in this solar system and yet it’s all a reflection of what is going in inside of us.
    • Wacko Wizard I will watch more – thanks for pointing me back to Drunvalo. His audience is “New Age”, of course, but then, I have no doubt God had a hand in that religion, tooEmoji
    • Wacko Wizard Watched that video, there are a number of others. Drunvalo speaks frequently in the video of moving from 3rd to 4th dimension and of having a spirit body called Merkaba, which goes with us to 4th dimension. He says nothing about how we live here, now, might effect that progression. It’s all about stuff beyond getting up in the morning and going to work, chopping wood and carrying water, etc. I recall being told in March 2006, something like: “The species did not reach escape velocity, this has happened before, but you can still do it. You will be given experiences to accelerate your pace, and which serve like celestial bodies used by space craft to increase their speed as they enter the gravitational field and then leave (slingshot).” Escape velocity from what? This planet? The 3rd dimension? The karmic cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth on this planet? Maybe some day I’ll know, but what I was told seemed in keeping with my previous training and experiences with the angels, and with Jesus’ teachings, for example, which asked people to stretch themselves by responding to and engaging life differently than was their habit. Maybe I’ll dream about this tonight. Meanwhile, here’s Wikipedia on Drunvalo:
    • Wacko Wizard A nap dream did not support Drunvalo well. He seems sincere in the video I watched from beginning to end, except for a little while I dozed off. However, he seems to me to be lost in space. He references Tibetan Buddhists agreeing with his view of the cosmos, and Mayan mystics agreeing. I have know Tibetan Buddhists, and also Sufis, and I think they would not be inclined in Drunvalo’s direction. Although I don’t think Christianity, in the main, knows Jesus very well, I think his teachings in the Gospels about how to live on this world day to day will accelerate the spiritual vibration of anyone who uses them, which often is a real challenge. I also think the 365 day regimen provided in A COURSE IN MIRACLES will have that effect on anyone who uses that method. Of course, there are other spiritual disciplines that increase spirit vibration, and mediating into your heart regularly, as Drunvalo recommends, is effective, if what is revealed in mediation is applied to daily affairs, which can be challenging, too. I keep thinking of a New Age woman I met in 2004, who kept searching here and there. One day I told her that the New Age looks for new messiahs because it was not able, for whatever reasons, to latch onto Jesus. She paused, laughed, said I was right. I do not mean going to church. Gosh, when am I ever not in church?, I asked a fellow just today, who owns and operates a health food grocery and restaurant where I live.

      I heard on radio today that Bernie Sanders is not making the Democratic Party honchos happy by being an Independent and not agreeing to campaign as a Democrat. I can imagine they fear, if he holds his course, he will take a lot of votes in 2020, which the Democratic honchos don’t want to lose. We might be about to live in even more interesting times. And, gosh, perhaps ETs will land a spaceship on the White House lawn and really spice it up. I bet “Facebook would be a twitter with heaps of views, including it really isn’t ETs, but is secret American military airships, or Russian, or whatever. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when President Trump meets with his generals and admirals to discuss what to do about the spaceship. Heh.🤣

Old Friend 👍

Was 9/11 an inside job?

Was 9/11 an inside job?

Last night brought the end of the “Jericho” serial movie on Netflix. The drama is about a private military contractor mega-corp orchestrating nearly 20 American cities being nuked by bombs made from a discarded Soviet Union hydrogen bomb. The U.S. is then fractured into three countries: the old U.S. lying east of the Mississippi River, the Federation of American States lying west of the Mississippi, and Texas. Iran and North Korea are nuked to rubble, as the purported instigators. 99 percent of the action, though, is in and near Jericho, Kansas, in the northwestern part of that state. The people there are a long time coming to know what happened in the rest of America. Except for a captured U.S. tank cannon being used to shoot a mortar shell, the story line works pretty well. I will say no more about “Jericho” other than, when I realized the serial was over – for now – I said to nobody in particular, “I have no doubt 9/11 was an inside job, but I will never be able to prove it.”

My son-in-law, who is Jewish, recently defended American wars overseas by saying the president and top intelligence and military brass always know things they cannot tell the American public. I said he was correct, but, alas, Americans simply cannot trust their government to tell them the truth about wars, or much of anything for that matter.

I told my son-in-law of a fellow telling me in 2005, that he once had worked for the CIA. His unit was stationed in Vietnam, when the French were fighting the Vietnamese over who would control Vietnam. Outwardly, America was supporting France, but his CIA outfit’s mission was to do all it could to help the Vietnamese beat the French, so that America could replace France in Vietnam, which had a whole lot of rubber trees.

Here’s how I learned what God thought about the Vietnam war.

Before the Vietnam war draft was instituted, I got married after my junior year in college. From college, I went to law school. After the war draft was instituted, married men and college students were exempt. Then, college students were allowed to finish college before they were inducted. My wife got pregnant, we had a son. By then, married men were being inducted, but not fathers. Our son died of sudden infant death syndrome during my senior year in law school. I became exposed to the war draft. I applied for a student deferment, so that I could finish law school. My wife got pregnant again. I went back to the Draft Board and told them what had happened. The lady clerk said she was sorry but the student deferment election was irrevocable. She said she would show me the form I had signed to that effect. She went to a green filing cabinet and pulled out my file and looked in it and said there had been some kind of mistake made. What kind of mistake?, I asked. You signed the wrong form, you will have to do it again, she said. No thanks, I will keep my father deferment, I said, and walked out of the Draft Board knowing a miracle had happened.

By then, two of my college fraternity brothers had been killed in Vietnam. They had predicted they would die there.

I never will buy, nor I doubt did commercial airline pilots buy, that amateur Arab pilots were able to fly, maneuver and steer those giant passenger planes to their targets on 9/11. I have heard other arguments for 9/11 being an inside job. What a bonanza for the military industrial complex 9/11 became. One overseas war after another, to protect America.

Three nights before 9/11, a familiar voice I associated with Archangel Michael, asked me in my sleep, “Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?” I woke up, made the prayer. When my girlfriend and I heard about the attacks on 9/11, we thought the very worse thing America could do would be start another war overseas. It did not occur to us that America would start two wars overseas.

A few days after 9/11, I sensed angels all around me as a left my local post office. I heard, “America needs to get out of the Middle East altogether and let Israel and Islam fight it out, or work it out, and in that way learn which of them, if either, is God’s chosen people.”

Iraq was an American ally against Iran. Iraq had a lot of oil. Saddam Hussein asked the American lady ambassador if the U.S. would object to Iraq going in and taking part of Kuwait? The lady ambassador said, No. Saddam invaded. The first President George Bush then went on national television and said he could not let the American way of life be threatened. He was not concerned about the Kuwait people, but about Kuwait’s oil.

Afghanistan had a lot of minerals and was where energy companies wanted to build a natural gas pipe line into the vast natural gas deposits lying east of Afghanistan.

During my sleep the night of the 1st anniversary of the prayer I had been asked to make for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity, I was asked by the same voice, “Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?” But that time I made the prayer in the dream, and I ended the prayer with, “And let it begin in me.”

For a long periods of time, the angels who had trained and run me, had stood me before a mirror. They did it again.

Jesus said it this way in the Gospels: “First take the beam out of your own eye.”

Barack Obama promised hope and change. After being elected, he continued G.W. Bush’s two rich white men’s 9/11 wars for corporate profit, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

During his campaign, Donald Trump said the Iraq war was invented. He got elected and continued G.W. Bush’s two rich white men’s 9/11 wars for corporate profit. Trump recently promoted himself for a Nobel Peace Prize.

I saw on the TV news, that Muslim Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was criticized by President Trump for saying she will not pledge allegiance to Israel. I thought she had made a darn good point. If I were her, I would not pledge allegiance to Palestine, either. Nor to the Democratic Party. I would pledge allegiance to God.

total freedom and illusions thereof

Wacko Wizard here, with some thoughts about total freedom and illusions thereof.

Mountain Wisdom contacted me from out of the blue in the spring of 2016 and said attention-getting angels had started dropping in on him to chat in his dreams and in his living room when he was so-called wide awake. Right away, they told him he needed to get in touch with me. He said he’d never before had anything like that happen to him; the angels started turning him every which a way but loose; it’s been happening to him ever since; and the angels are Khamael, Michael and Gabriel, and once Melchizedek came with them.

Here’s the text of my email to Mountain Wisdom, regarding something he emailed me earlier today:

Well, Amigo, this is just too peachy to let slide silently into the night. I’m going to post it, with the redacting you requested, to the anomalous experiences website,  with  brief mention of how your and my paths were crossed by forces far beyond our control. I see plenty of anomalous experiences on websites and social media, but the only place I see the shit that grabs people by the short hairs is what you and I, and my homeless lady friend, experience. Perhaps the anomalous experiences people might wish to consider what all they are missing out on? Of course, wink, wink, it was just a coincidence that someone out of the blue sent you the total freedom lyrics.


Here’s what  Mountain  Wisdom  emailed me:
I had someone out of the blue send this to me. He remembered Andrew’s father Prof Wilkes Krieger from the place he went to grad school. He particularly liked Andrew’s music when Andrew was under the mgmt of Prof Wilkes Kreiger, and it was all this hard rock, party hard, shit. Andrew went along with it for a number of years, and then he got pissed at his dad’s constant meddling and I remember Andrew’s dad had to get a stand in to perform a concert, the guy lip sync’d three songs and split. I’ve seen early cell phone video of Andrew and then video of that concert- wasn’t Andrew.
Andrew played the “legendary”(in who’s mind ?) Georgia Theatre. I could not stand the “Let’s Party Hard Bullshit”. Later on, Andrew was loading out and it was expected security was to help load the bus. I told the GA Theatre owner that I didn’t load buses- I threw out drunk frat boys, kept out psychos without tickets, and generally was a sonabitch- but I was not a lumper. So the GA Theatre owner jumped my ass. He was gonna show the biker who was boss. Andrew came over, he had put his long hair in a pony tail. He told the GA Theatre owner- “Fuck off man, I’ve got roadies.”
I remember the GA Theatre owner kicked at my kickstand on my FXR. I was so pissed. Andrew told me to let it go.
Later on, when the GA Theatre owner bought the 40 Watt Club, he and I had a pissing contest and I won. I kept certain shit out of the venues, I watched the bar tenders(they roofied girls before I took over security). By that time I had met XXXXX and Big ZZZZZ- both AAA Motor Cycle Club members (if you publish this, which I hope you won’t- please censor XXXXX and ZZZZZ and the club designation’s name). I had to assert my gorilla dominance as respect was important to potential MC members. So I stepped up and I ran shit. 
I had a moment with a David Allan Coe and a lot of people remember’d what happened with Andrew and how Andrew backed me. People call’d me BBB or BBV.
One of the people who worked at the Georgia Theatre sent me a link to Andrew’s latest single. Her comment was that it sounded like shit.
These are the lyrics:
We didn’t care at all about
Who had more Or who came from less
Or was rich or poor
We didn’t care at all about Who got first Or who got here last
Or was best or worst
Total freedom
We had total freedom
And we, we didn’t care at all
About time going fast
Or if we could get ahead
Or if we would miss the past
We didn’t care at all No we, we didn’t care at all
We had total freedom
Total freedom
(We didn’t care at all) (We didn’t care at all) (At all…)
We didn’t care at all about What other people thought
Or if we could pass the test Or if we were cool or not
Total freedom
We had total freedom
And we, we didn’t care at all about Following the crowd
Or if they said we looked like fools
Or if they said we laughed too loud
We didn’t care at all
No we, we didn’t care at all
Total freedom Total freedom
(We didn’t care at all) (We didn’t care at all) (At all…)
Total freedom… Total freedom…
I think the lyrics represent lyrics Andrew and I saw when were kids at the Georgia Theatre.
The music isn’t for everybody but I like it, honestly: Andrew W.K. – Total Freedom (Audio)
I want to make it clear: I was never into drugs. I had a drinking spell that lasted 3 days 3 times 3 places each- I have wondered about the personal numerology of that. Drinking kept me away from something I was trying to touch. God. Never pimped or pandered. Never sold drugs. Never killed anybody. I just want that clear.
But yeah, I got heavy sometime. I am karmically paying for that and reliving many things. I wonder when this will end. I have not taken a drink.