fear of God the beginning of wisdom?

Proverbs 9:10 –  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
I told a friend today that I had experienced fear of the Lord, and it changed me forever. I said it cannot be explained, but has to be experienced to appreciate. It would do wonders for humanity if its political leaders experienced fear of the Lord.
I pretty much experience fear of the Lord ongoing. I daily fret over whether or not I am carrying out the tasks given to me in the way angels taught me and advise me in my dreams and in other ways when I am awake. The angels regularly let me know there is room for more improvement.
I sometimes wonder if I’m an experiment? If the angels found the sorriest man around to try to see if they could change him, and, if they could, then they would be able to change people less messed up than he was?
During my life, I have known a few people who experienced fear of the Lord and angel visitations, based on what they told me they had experienced, or I was with them when it happened and saw it shake them to their cores.
Yeah, there were lots of wondrous, uplifting experiences, too. But for me, at least, fear of crossing God and those angels was the ever constant thread, because they had shown me up close and personal what all they could do to me anytime they wanted to do it, and there was nothing I could do about it but endure.
Not convinced, however, that there is any way to actually know the Unfathomable – God. Angels tell me they don’t even know God, but they know more about God than I do, and they are trying to teach me and other people to live as they live, which is very different from how I used to live.
I dunno. Perhaps if I had not prayed to God for help and offered my life to human service in 1987, those angels would have left me alone? Perhaps I would be dead by now, or on a locked ward?
A poem jumped out of me in 2007 and laid it out this way.
A calling to serve carries its own wisdom,
which legitimates both the calling and the serving
so that the two are one.
Only the one called to serve
can know this wisdom,
and for some who are called
the knowing comes easily,
while for others the knowing is a fiery baptism.
Each calling is different,
and while some callings can be declined,
others cannot,
and those whose calling is without repentance
know they are in it for the duration of the calling,
and while others may try to persuade them out of it,
the calling for ones such as these always prevails.
Thus is it advised to all called for keeps
that they view their calling as a blessing
even when it seems at times to be a curse,
and that they try to reconcile the loss of their captain status,
and allow the Spirit of God to man the helm of their ship,
and be glad and willing crew members thereon,
knowing that all sailing ships of souls
need a crew as well as a captain
to maintain and navigate the ship through
seas of many tones, depths and flavors.
So consider each league sailed
as part of the overall journey
going to where the captain deigns to go
by using whatever winds and sea currents available
to navigate the ship to the experiences
this ship and crew need to have
in order to fulfill their calling and its wisdom
revealed by the journey of many leagues,
many known only to the ship and its crew,
all of whom come to know,
some sooner than others,
that once conscripted
there is no safe jumping ship

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Jesus and his disciples discussed reincarnation

When over Christmas dinner yesterday, one of my granddaughters mentioned reincarnation, I said Jesus and his disciples discussed reincarnation in the Gospels.

One time was when they asked him if Elijah had returned and he told them, yes, but he was not recognized, and they knew he spoke to them of John the Baptist.

The other time was when a man born blind was before Jesus and the disciples asked him, who had sinned, the man or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus said the man was born blind so the glory of God could be seen through him, and then Jesus healed the man’s blindness.

I said, for the man to have sinned before he was born, he would have had to have lived a prior life. As for the man’s parents having sinned, that was a reference to the sins of the parents being visited on their children. Jesus gave his disciples yet a third reason, without saying their question was wrong.

A Christian friend of my granddaughters said she did not believe there was incarnation, because Elijah had not returned before Jesus lived. I said the Gospels disagreed, and I googled the passage in the Gospels and showed it to her. She seemed astounded.

Here are relevant passages from the Gospels:

Matthew 17 New International Version (NIV)

The Transfiguration

17 After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James and John the brother of James, and led them up a high mountain by themselves. There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. Just then there appeared before them Moses and Elijah, talking with Jesus.

Peter said to Jesus, “Lord, it is good for us to be here. If you wish, I will put up three shelters—one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.”

While he was still speaking, a bright cloud covered them, and a voice from the cloud said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased. Listen to him!”

When the disciples heard this, they fell facedown to the ground, terrified. But Jesus came and touched them. “Get up,” he said. “Don’t be afraid.” When they looked up, they saw no one except Jesus.

As they were coming down the mountain, Jesus instructed them, “Don’t tell anyone what you have seen, until the Son of Man has been raised from the dead.”

10 The disciples asked him, “Why then do the teachers of the law say that Elijah must come first?”

11 Jesus replied, “To be sure, Elijah comes and will restore all things.12 But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but have done to him everything they wished. In the same way the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands.” 13 Then the disciples understood that he was talking to them about John the Baptist.

John 9:1-12 New International Version (NIV)

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him. As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

After saying this, he spit on the ground, made some mud with the saliva, and put it on the man’s eyes. “Go,” he told him, “wash in the Pool of Siloam” (this word means “Sent”). So the man went and washed, and came home seeing.

His neighbors and those who had formerly seen him begging asked, “Isn’t this the same man who used to sit and beg?” Some claimed that he was.

Others said, “No, he only looks like him.”

But he himself insisted, “I am the man.”

10 “How then were your eyes opened?” they asked.

11 He replied, “The man they call Jesus made some mud and put it on my eyes. He told me to go to Siloam and wash. So I went and washed, and then I could see.”

12 “Where is this man?” they asked him.

“I don’t know,” he said

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Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married

Was nudged by my daughter in an afternoon nap dream today to report that during Christmas noon dinner with her and her Jewish husband and their half-Jewish children and a Christian woman friend of their children, the subject of men and women relations came up.

I asked them, if Mary Magdalene publicly washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and hair, and anointed his feet with precious ointment she scarce could afford, what did she wash and anoint him with when they were in private?

And, why did Jesus send Magdalene from the tomb to tell the men disciples she had seen him and he had told her to come to them with that news and that he would be with them soon? He sent Magdalene, instead of his mother or the other woman at the tomb, because he wanted to impress she was the most important person to him. The men disciples knew who she was to him.

My daughter said, some Jewish people say, since Jesus was Jewish and he probably was a rabbi, then he surely got married, and men jealous of Magdalene and her power made her out to be something she was not to discredit her.

In the Gospels, the disciples called Jesus, “Rabbi”.

I said it was Jewish men’s sacred duty to get married and have children, and Jesus and Magdalene told me they were married, and that not being in the New Testament caused a great deal of trouble on this planet.

I asked the Christian friend of my daughters if she had read the Letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament? No, she said. I said it is about initiation into the Melchizedek priesthood, in which Jesus is high priest. Most Bible scholars don’t know who wrote Hebrews. Jesus and Michael told me it was written by Magdalene anonymously, because it was known back then, that if her name was on it as the author, no man would read it.

I then asked, what about Paul, who was part of the Jewish priesthood when he was Saul? He never wrote that he was married and had children. He put women below men and put down sex. What was his thorn in the flesh that he twice asked God to remove and God did not remove it because it would make him stronger in God to have the thorn in the flesh?

Paul was gay?, the woman friend of my daughters asked. Yes, I said, and it didn’t matter to God, and that not being in the New Testament also caused a great deal of trouble on this planet.

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Christmas Eve Greetings: Donald the Great promised Mexico would pay for a border wall

Donald the Great’s proposed Christmas present for America over a wall he promised Mexico would pay for:

Associated Press
December 13, 2018

Social Security checks will go out and troops will remain at their posts. Doctors and hospitals will receive their Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. The U.S. Postal Service, busy delivering packages for the holiday season, is an independent agency and won’t be affected. Passport services, which are funded by fees and not government spending, will also continue.
Virtually every essential government agency, including the FBI, the Border Patrol and the Coast Guard, will remain open. Transportation Security Administration officers will staff airport checkpoints.
The air traffic control system, food inspection, Medicare, veterans’ health care and many other essential government programs will run as usual. The Federal Emergency Management Agency can continue to respond to disasters.
Nearly 90 percent of the Department of Homeland Security’s 240,000 employees will be at work because they’re considered essential.
Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, which is investigating potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, is unaffected by a shutdown.
But hundreds of thousands of federal workers will be forced off the job, and some services will go dark.
In the past, the vast majority of national parks were closed to visitors and campers, but beginning with the last government shutdown, in January, the Interior Department has tried to make parks as accessible as possible despite bare-bones staffing levels. Some are staying open thanks to funding from states and charitable groups.
In Washington, the museums along the National Mall will remain open at least through Jan. 1, but Smithsonian officials said they will reevaluate the situation if the shutdown continues into the new year. The Washington Monument is closed for repairs.
Arizona and Utah officials put in place plans to keep open Grand Canyon, Zion, Arches and Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks.
At the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, it was business as usual, thanks to funding from New York state.
While they can be kept on the job, federal workers won’t be paid for days worked during the lapse in funding. In the past, however, they have been repaid retroactively even if they were ordered to stay home. White House officials said that would be the case again.
The Senate already has passed legislation ensuring that workers will receive back pay. The House seems sure to follow suit.
Federal employees already were granted an extra day of vacation on Monday, Christmas Eve, under an executive order Trump signed this past week.
Federal workers are exempted from furloughs if their jobs are national security-related or if they perform essential activities that “protect life and property.”
According to a report by Democrats on the Senate Appropriations Committee, more than 420,000 federal employees deemed essential will continue to work without pay, including about 41,000 law enforcement and corrections officers. The Homeland Security employees who will keep working include about 150,000 from the Coast Guard, TSA and Customs and Border Protection.
More than 380,000 employees will be furloughed — including nearly all from NASA and Housing and Urban Development and 41,000 from the Commerce Department. About 16,000 National Park Service employees — 80 percent of the agency’s workforce — will be furloughed.
Also among those who will furloughed: 52,000 staffers at the Internal Revenue Service, slowing analysis and collection of hundreds of thousands of tax returns and audits.
Shutdowns happened every year when Jimmy Carter was president, averaging 11 days each. During President Ronald Reagan’s two terms, there were six shutdowns, typically just one or two days apiece.
Before a three-day lapse in January, caused by Democrats’ insistence that any budget measure come with protections for young immigrants known as “Dreamers,” the most recent significant shutdown was a 16-day partial shuttering of the government in 2013.
That one came as tea party conservatives tried to block implementation of President Barack Obama’s health care law. The government also shut down for a few hours last February amid a partisan dispute over deficit spending.
political role model


I keep telling people, perhaps to remind myself, that the only sane way to be involved in politics is to view it as theater. When I finished putting the above together, I was beset by a strong urge to run to the bathroom and take a giant dump. Rhymes with …

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black American soldiers pickin’ rich white men’s cotton

In a dream around dawn today, a young, strapping black American man came to me and said to go ahead, he was an accomplice. That was my Spirit signal to publish this below today, which Psycho Psychic emailed yesterday, to which I responded.

This just in…..  I really relate to the part I’m copy/pasting here below.  However, do read the whole article

Fwd: Black Alliance for Peace Says It’s About Time the United States Ends the Illegal Presence in Syria and Withdraws from Afghanistan

We denounce those elements in the corporate press, the establishment voices in the duopoly, and liberal and left acolytes of the warmongering ruling class who have taken upon themselves to confuse and manipulate the public into believing that permanent war is both rational and inevitable. The $6 trillion dollars of public resources transferred from the pockets of the people to the military-industrial complex over the last two decades to execute wars and occupations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, has also caused unspeakable misery for millions of people, the destruction of ancient cities, the displacement of millions of people—and now millions of lives eliminated by U.S. bombs, missiles, chemicals and bullets. All who have remained silent or have given direct or even indirect support to these bipartisan war policies are morally culpable.
———- Forwarded message ———
From: U.S. Peace Council <uspc@uspeacecouncil.org>
Date: Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 9:04 AM
Subject: Black Alliance for Peace Says It’s About Time the United States Ends the Illegal Presence in Syria and Withdraws from Afghanistan
To: Anja

Black Alliance for Peace Says It’s About Time the United States Ends the Illegal Presence in Syria and Withdraws from Afghanistan

DECEMBER 21, 2018—A real panic among the militarists and flunkeys of the military-industrial complex: They are concerned the U.S. president has gone completely off the ruling-class imperialist script. We find that hard to believe, since a move away from militarism and violence would indicate a fundamental departure from the very essence of the methods and strategy that created the United States. We are on land violently stolen from Indigenous peoples, then used to execute a brutal super-exploitation of enslaved African labor to amass imperialist wealth. That wealth was then used to ultimately elevate the United States to a world power after the second imperialist war in 1945.

But with the announcement by Trump that U.S. troops will be pulled out of Syria and troop strength reduced in the never-ending war in Afghanistan, the ruling-class propagandists pretending to be journalists at CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest, have sounded the alarm of pending doom for the empire if the bipartisan commitment to international gangsterism is abandoned by this president.

We in the Black Alliance for Peace don’t praise a U.S. president for ending the illegal subversion, invasion and occupation of a sovereign state that should have never been allowed in the first place by theoretical representatives of the people in the U.S. Congress. If the Trump administration is serious about the “full and rapid” withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, we say it’s about time. We expect a full withdrawal of all U.S. forces from Syria, including the mercenary components referred to as “contractors.” We also say troop reduction is not enough—end the war in Afghanistan with a complete and total withdrawal of U.S. forces.

We denounce those elements in the corporate press, the establishment voices in the duopoly, and liberal and left acolytes of the warmongering ruling class who have taken upon themselves to confuse and manipulate the public into believing that permanent war is both rational and inevitable. The $6 trillion dollars of public resources transferred from the pockets of the people to the military-industrial complex over the last two decades to execute wars and occupations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, has also caused unspeakable misery for millions of people, the destruction of ancient cities, the displacement of millions of people—and now millions of lives eliminated by U.S. bombs, missiles, chemicals and bullets. All who have remained silent or have given direct or even indirect support to these bipartisan war policies are morally culpable.

We are extremely skeptical about the administration’s announcement—we know from painful experience and from our understanding of the history of this state, that the United States has never voluntarily withdrawn from one of its imperialist adventures. Therefore, the Black Alliance for Peace will continue to demand that the United States withdraw from Syria until every U.S. asset is out of the country.

The final resolution of the U.S.-led war in Syria must be determined by Syrians themselves. All foreign forces must recognize and respect the sovereignty of the Syrian people and their legal representatives.

If peace is a real possibility for the people of Syria, it is only the most cynical who would undermine that possibility for partisan political purposes. But we know that the lives of People of color means nothing for some of the loudest critics of Trump’s decision. Many of those same critics don’t see any contradiction in condemning Putin and the Russians while embracing Netanyahu and the Israeli apartheid state that fires live ammunition into the bodies of unarmed Palestinians.

But in the tradition of our ancestors who understood the infinite connection of all of humanity and who resisted systematic degradation, the Black Alliance for Peace will continue to raise our voice in support of peace. Yet, we know that without justice there can be no peace. We must struggle to obtain justice.

U.S. out of Syria!
U.S. out of Africa!
Shut down AFRICOM and all NATO bases!
Reallocate the people’s resources from funding war to realizing the human rights of all people, not just the 1 percent!

Media contacts: Ajamu Baraka and , info@blackallianceforpeace.com

From: Wacko Wizard
Date: Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 3:03 PM
Subject: Re: Black Alliance for Peace Says It’s About Time the United States
Ends the Illegal Presence in Syria and Withdraws from Afghanistan
To: Psycho Psychic, info@blackallianceforpeace.com
I like this “rant” – wonder why they did not call for ending U.S. military involvement in Iraq?
I still don’t grok why black American service men and women fight rich white American men’s wars for corporate profit? Is that still pickin’ cotton?
Dr. King was assassinated after he came out against the Vietnam war being bad for black Americans.
Same happened after President Kennedy got cold feet about Vietnam.

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On the Matter of Russia: 2018 Winter Solstice

In his intro on the home page of this website and blog, Wacko Wizard alludes to the fact that we don’t (ahem) always agree.  Sometimes we argue.  The matter of Russia can be one source of disagreement and argument between us.

He frequently proclaims I am blinded because I have Russian relatives.  In my opinion, he’s overly impressed by Bill Browder (a very sketchy individual if you take time to research his history) and Browder’s book – Red Notice.  Further, there is the issue of claims  the Russians, perhaps Putin himself, placed Trump in the seat of President of the U.S.  Ha!  No voting machines were hacked; no way to prove with certainty, rather than speculation, who hacked the outed emails, as the best and most elite of hackers are tricky and leave false trails.  Social Media?  Who wasn’t attempting to influence the election via social media platforms?

A question swirling in my mind is this:  WHY has there been an approximate decade long drive on part of the West to promote a new cold war?  My grandpa always encouraged me, regarding questionable situations, to ask: “WHO stands to GAIN….. WHAT and WHY?”

While the below  Sharon Tennison video does not answer these many questions, it stimulates thought.  – Psycho Psychic


Well, that stimulates many thoughts in this old wizard noggin’ this Winter Solstice.

I agree about not falling for rumors, propaganda, etc. put out by the American government, and Americans generally, about Russia.

Vladimir Putin and Russia also put out rumors and propaganda.

Psycho Psychic’s wondering about why promote cold war and who stands to gain?, are spot on. I think the answers lie in both countries.

I liked Sharon Tennison’s video, except for where she says, back when Vladimir Putin worked for the KGB in Germany, he only observed and wrote papers about how communism and capitalism were faring, and communism was coming up short. I thought that was seriously naive about what KGB officer Putin was doing in Germany, which had its own dreadful version of the KGB, called the Stasi.

As for Bill Browder and Red Notice.

I figured it was an angel that bumped me into a lawyer friend back in 2016, who said I needed to read  Red Notice, and then I would understand what really was going on. I read the book in about a week’s time. I tried to persuade Psycho Psychic to read it. She declined and criticized Browder. I said he criticized himself in the book, which made him credible for me.

In the book, Browder describes his early investing experiences in Poland, where he made a lot of money. Then, he got into investing in Russia, where he made a lot more money. Then, he ran afoul of Russian politics. A lawyer named Magnitsky, whom Browder knew and used, got locked up by the Russian authorities, tortured and killed. That led to Browder’s crusade to get the U.S. Congress to respond. Congress was enraged over what Browder produced as evidence, pointing the finger right at Vladimir Putin.  Over stiff opposition from President Barack Obama, Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton, and aspiring Secretary of State Senator John Kerry – all democrats – Congress passed the Magnitsky Act. A number of Russian Oligarchs were banned from the U.S. and from putting their money in the U.S. Vladimir Putin was furious.

I imagined back in 2016 that Putin hoped Trump would become president and try to undo the Magnitsky Act, and lift other sanctions President Obama had imposed on Russia.

As for today

I think President Trump announcing America will pull its troops out of Syria is the first truly great thing Trump did in office. I think Putin has to be delighted, and Putin will be further delighted if America does likewise with Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s all part of Russia’s backyard, so why not give Russia the responsibility of policing that part of this planet, even if that really upsets the Republicans, the Democrats, and President Trump’s MAGA base,

even more than the Republican-controlled congress finding:

USA Today, December 17, 2018


The Senate released a pair of reports Monday that say Russia engaged in an all-out social media campaign on Donald Trump’s behalf during the 2016 election and continued to support him after he took office.”

That entire article bears reading, like Red Notice bears reading, and Sharon Tennison’s video bears watching.

Also for the metaphysically inclined …

After reading Psycho Psychics comments, I recalled a phone conversation one morning in early 1999 with a Christian intercessor a generation older than I. As we talked about this and that kinda thing I probably would not say in a Sunday school class, or to a psychiatrist, nor to most of my friends and relatives, I was dragged by Something into a trance and was transported in some way into the heart of China and left there to marinate a little while in what was an awful, dead, ominous energy. Then, I was transported into the heart of Islam, where the same thing happened. Then, I was transported to under the Pentagon, where the same thing happened. Then, I was taken above the planet, like where a space satellite might be, and was looking down at Russia, which was under a giant glass or plastic dome. I understood what was inside the dome was being fumigated, and then something new would happen there. I did not know what the new would be. I came out of the trance.

I realized talking with Psycho Psychic about that yesterday, that the Russia part of that vision was about the ascendance of Vladimir Putin in a very much ailing nation. Finally, nearly 20 years later, the vision seems to make sense to me. The Russian people clearly are better off under Putin. Their standard of living is much better. They no longer live in fear of the KGB.

I told Psycho Psychic that Russians want what Americans want. Affordable housing. Decent food. Safe drinking water. To have some fun. Drink some vodka. Have sex. Etc. They do not want to be blown to bits. They do not like war. I applaud Sharon Tennison for her dedicated efforts to prevent a nuclear holocaust and Americans understanding Russia past and present.

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metaphysical view of 9/11

Here’s a metaphysical view of 9/11.

Three nights before 9/11, Archangel Michael asked me in my sleep, “Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?” I woke up wondering what that was about? I prayed for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity, and went back to sleep.

Were I a professional jumbo jet airline pilot, I think I would not be able to imagine how amateur Arab pilots were capable of maneuvering those giant airliners to the Twin Towers and the Pentagon all by their lonesomes.

What’s  your take on 9/11?

That’s where this post ended yesterday.


I was shown in dreams throughout last night that I needed to redo something, and do it deeper. So let’s dig a bit deeper.

The morning after I was asked to make the prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity, I told my girlfriend about it. After she heard on the news two days later what had happened, she told me that was what the prayer was about. I said, yes. We were in a state of grace, while everyone around us was in hell. Our concern was America would start another war we knew  would be disastrous.

A few days later, as I was leaving the local post office, I sensed angels around me, and heard in my thoughts, “America needs to get out of the Middle East altogether and let Israel and Islam work it out, or fight it out, and in that way learn which of them is God’s chosen people.”

I figured that related back to the story of Abraham and his two sons, Ishmael and Isaac, and which of them was the promised child. In Judaism and Christendom, Issac is the promised child. In Islam, it’s Ishmael.

In Genesis, God told Abraham that Isaac’s and Ishmael’s seeds both would become great nations and Ishmael’s seed would cause Isaac’s seed trouble.

Moses and Jesus descended from Isaac. Mohammed descended from Ishmael.

Not only does Islam believe it is God’s chosen people, it believes it is called by God to cause Isaac’s seed trouble.

Also, Islam has never forgotten the Christian crusades, which to large measure destroyed a culture considerably more advanced in the arts and sciences than Christendom.

Nor has Islam forgotten England, France and America meddling in the Middle East and enabling the country of Israel to come into being.

Nor has Islam forgotten America president George H.W. Bush’s ambassador giving Saddam Hussein the green light to invade Kuwait, and then that president leading an American, English and French coalition, based in Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam’s holiest sites, Mecca and Medina, to oust Hussein’s army from Kuwait.

I took all of that as relevant to hearing America should get out of the Middle East altogether – before something worse happened, I figured.

World War III against a religion with over a billion members.

Let’s move even deeper.

A year to the night after I was asked in my sleep to make the prayer, Michael asked me again in my sleep, “Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention  for all of humanity?” But that time, I made the prayer in my sleep, and added to it, “And let it begin in me!”

I woke up flummoxed, shaken. Michael, Jesus and Melchizedek already had put me through  several awful courses in standing in front of the mirror, looking at the beams in my own eyes. Introspection, which is a female way of thinking.

Soon after, my girlfriend came to me in a dream and called out my name and said, “You married Kali!” I woke up, terrified. Not even Shiva messed with Kali, the Hindu Goddess of destruction and transformation. Sort of a female Jesus, who apparently doesn’t care for how men think.

Kali then proceeded to turn me every which away but loose in her own ways.

Then came even more refresher courses in standing in front of the mirror provided by Kali and Michael, Jesus and Melchizedek. That’s the true crusade. The true jihad. Inside.

Maybe I will be treated to even more standing before a mirror, even as I know in my bones that this will be a very different world if people, leaders, nations, religions, political parties, etc. are stood in front of a mirror for a long time.

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Dark Night Lifted By Wolves Eagles Angels Lions Cobras Visions

Was reminded the other day of a healing vision vision I once had about men, wolves, angels, eagles, when a lady friend, who also dreams about and has visions of me,  said she’d seen in an AARP magazine an ad for an outfit who called themselves the wolves website builders, or something like that.

So let’s flash back to 1995, when a budding New Age priestess friend about half my age said I needed to let her take me into a past-life regression to get at what was causing me so much suffering in a dark night of the soul. I agreed to let her use guided imagery to do that the next day at her home.

It went this way the next day.

She asked me to close my eyes and let her lead me. I closed my eyes.

She led me down some internal stairs into a lower area of some kind of internal castle.

Something then stepped in and pushed her aside and took over, which did not surprise me, given how often It had stepped in before, when different healers had tried to help me.


For which I paid them good money, even though the Something that stepped in came to show them something new.

After Something stepped in and took over from the budding New Age priestess, I lived what you will read further below. I lived it with a great deal of emotion. I was there. Actually. I reported it to the budding priestess as it was happening. I was spent when it was over. And exhilarated.

She said it was a past-life regression. I said it was something else entirely. I wrote it down.

I would write it down quite a few times afterward. It was wired into my soul.

It was the first of three visions that week. About a week later, the dark night began to lift.

The dark night is spirit-induced. Beyond psychiatry and psychology’s knowing, the dark night is known to mystics, shamans, etc.  As are visions known to mystics, shamans, etc.

Of men, wolves, angels and eagles …

Once upon a time there lived a man named Joseph, who grew tired of living with people and left his village and went into the woods to live.

By and by, a wolf pack discovered Joseph and over time got to know him and that he was not like other men, and eventually they took him into their pack.

The leader of the pack was a red wolf named David, and soon David and Joseph became fast friends, and they hunted and played and slept together like . . . wolves.

Then one day, the men in the village where Joseph had lived learned from hunters that Joseph was living with wolves. The men decided it was not right for a man to go off and live in the woods and run with wolves, so they got their guns and set off to find Joseph and bring him back to the village, to live like a man.

The men came upon the wolf pack sleeping in the sun next to a bluff. The wind was blowing off the bluff, away from the wolf pack toward the men, which prevented the pack from scenting the men as they approached. By the time the wolf pack realized the men were there, the men had the pack surrounded, pinned against the bluff.

David wanted to order the pack to attack, but Joseph said, “No, I am a man, they will listen to reason, let me go and speak with them.” Although David did not like this idea, he agreed to it because Joseph was a man. But the men would not listen to reason and they shot and killed the entire pack and took Joseph heartbroken back to the village.

Joseph languished in the village for many weeks, blaming himself for the death of his pack. Then he had a dream in which he sees David’s face. David is angry, but says nothing, just stares.

Finally, Joseph blurts out that he did the best he knew how to do, and he’s so sorry for the way it turned out! David says, “Better that we attacked and died like wolves, than be slaughtered like sheep!”

Then Joseph is back with the pack, against the bluff, surrounded by the men. David says he wants the pack to attack. Joseph says, “And I will lead the charge!”

Then they hear a voice, the whole pack hears it, say, “There is another way, ask for another way.” Never before have Joseph, David or the pack had such a thing happen, but Joseph asks for another way.

Suddenly, a great bolt of lightning strikes the ground between the pack and the men, stirring up a huge cloud of dust.

As the wolves and men wait, the dust begins to settle, and in it begins to take the shape of something huge, even as the wolves and Joseph now see a pair of red eyes peering from the bushes behind the men. Then a second pair of red eyes. Then a third pair. Then ten pair. Then a hundred pair.

The men now are moved by some force to turn around and see what the now delirious pack already see. A legion of wolves’ eyes.

Then the men turn back around and find themselves face to face with a great towering eagle, whose piercing golden eyes penetrate their hearts and souls, as the giant eagle changes into a towering archangel. Michael.

The men hear, “These are my battle angels. You may leave this place and go back to your village, taking your guns with you, on condition that you tell everyone what has happened here today, and that no man should ever hunt wolves again, who are not hunting men.”

To this condition the grateful men readily agree, and they return to their village and tell everyone what happened, and they go to nearby villages and tell it, and from that day on men do not hunt wolves, who are not hunting men.


I had a second vision the next day, when the budding new age priestess tried to take me into another past-life regression, and Something stepped in and took over.

A couple of days later, I had a 3rd vision, which I induced lying on my own bed, alone.

About a week later, a 4-year dark night of the soul began to lift. The dark night is something mystics, shamans, etc. know well.

By the way, I’m a white guy. I never used psychedelic drugs or psychotropic plants to travel into the spirit realms. The spirit realms came to me, like when the budding New Age priestess tried to take me into a past-life regression and Something stepped in and took over.

Here at the other two visions.

something about lions …

Once upon a time there lived a woman named Alya. She was the medicine woman in her tribe, using herbs and poultices and spirit ways to help her people. Yet she had one flaw: she hated lions, because a lion had killed her father. Her hatred caused her to cast spells against lions, which caused her husband great concern. He often told Alya that her war with lions was going to get her into big trouble, but she was a medicine woman, she knew the ways of the spirits, and she did not listen to her husband.

One day while Alya was out gathering herbs, she spotted a lion sunning himself in tall grasses on the savannah. She hatched a scheme in her mind to sneak up on the lion and cast a spell on him, which would enable her to steal his spirit and have it for herself. As she crept closer to the lion, she began chanting softly and seeing in her mind’s eye her spell taking over the lion. However, she was so focused on what she was doing, that she did not see in her mind’s eye the lion’s mate returning from hunting. Nor did she see the lioness catch her sent, drop her kill from her mouth to the ground, and circle around behind. Too late, Alya realized her peril, just as the lioness took her from behind.

Next thing Alya knows, she is in the spirit world, standing before the Lion Spirit. Trembling with terror, Alya wants to run away, but the Lion Spirit speaks to her heart, says, “There is something you do not yet know.”

Then, Alya is back on the savanna, watching a hunter from her tribe sneaking up on a nest of lion cubs, whose parents are away hunting. The hunter has a twisted spirit and decides to kill the lion cubs just for the fun of doing it, even though killing any animal just for sport is taboo in his tribe, which worships the Lion Spirit.

returning to his village, the hunter tells no one what he has done. When the lion and lioness return to their nest and find their dead cubs, they are enraged. They catch the hunter’s scent and track him back to the edge of the village, where the lion hides in a thicket and begins roaring and bellowing out his rage over what has happened. The hunter knows why the lion is there, doing that, but still he tells no one.

Alya’s father, the tribe’s leader, prepares to go out and face and kill the lion, because it his duty to protect his tribe from marauding lions. And so he sets out to face the lion, even as the hunter lets him go without saying what has happened to bring this about, and that a lioness is also out there with the lion. Alya’s father quickly finds and confronts the lion, and is preparing to kill it with his spear, when he is taken from behind by the lioness. In  horror, Alya sees her hatred of lions is completely misplaced.

Then, Alya is back on the savanna, stalking the lion whose spirit she once wanted to steal for herself. The lion looks up, stares into Alya’s eyes. She shakes all over, is terrified, but does not look away. Then, something takes hold of her, she says to the lion, “I have lost my father and you have lost your cubs. I will be your cub.” The lion looks deep into Alya’s spirit, nods, says, “And I will be your father, and will always protect your front.” Then beside the lion is the lioness, who says to Alya, “And I will always protect your back.”

the gift …

A sleeping man dreams he sees the back of a young yogi meditating in the lotus position. Before the young yogi appear two cobras, raised up, hoods flared. One cobra is pure white, the other pure black. Both beautiful. The white cobra says to the young yogi, “We came to you once before because you were innocent, and you knew we brought a gift and you believed you had to chose one of us and you chose me.” The black cobra says, “We come before you again because you now are wise.” The young yogi, now very advanced in years, weeps, chooses them both. The sleeping man, now an old man, awakens, crying.

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Wacko Wizard reviews “A Star is Born”

Wacko Wizard was “moved” to see “A Star Is Born”. The 3rd version of it. He had not seen the first two versions.

Drunkard drug addict male super rock star discovers talented young female singing, acting and dancing in a cabaret and woos her to be all she can be, just do it, hold nothing of herself back, give the audience her full self, even if the audience doesn’t want her full self; and he takes her onstage with him at his next concert and she is an immediate hit, and they fall in love and eventually get married; while she has drawn the attention of a top-shelf British talent music producer, who tells her she can go much higher and he can get her there, but she needs to dye her natural brown hair to platinum, and she says that’s not her, so she dyes it to fake red, which also isn’t her and it grosses me out, because I don’t like the color and she goes against giving the audience who she really is;

and she indeed takes off and receives a Grammy for best rising star, and hubby goes in the booze and drug tank and makes an ass out of himself at the Grammy ceremony, and later he tells her how ugly she is, after she tells him how badly he had messed up at the Grammy ceremony; and he goes into rehab and has soul search and comes out and makes amends with wife still in love with him; and top-shelf agent-producer reams hubby out, and tells Grammy winner she can’t do shows with hubby, and Grammy winner tells top-shelf agent-producer that either hubby appears with her, or no deal; and she is to do another show and hubby says he will be there, but instead he kills himself while she is doing show alone wondering where he is, and nobody lives happily every after; but she sings his eulogy, a song he had written for her, before a packed house someone else arranged, and hubby’s older brother tells her it was nobody’s fault but hubby’s.

Kinda reminded of Jimmy Buffet singing, “It’s my own damn fault.”

Wonder how “A Star War Born” went over at Tropic Cinema in that tiny fishing village with a big drinking and drug problem on the asteroid near the westerly edge of the Bermuda Triangle?

Wonder if AA and NA chapter houses flocked to see “A Star is Born”?

Wonder if a reason I saw it was my parents were alcoholics, and a woman I love dearly is an alcoholic and also a seer?

She says she drinks because she doesn’t like what the spirit world shows her in dreams and visions about other people and places. I tell her I think that might be part of it, but she needs to look deeper.

I’ve been watching the angels, who connected that anomaly lady with anomaly me several years ago, trying different ways to coax her to give up her drinking, and smoking cigarettes, too.

She knows I cannot live with someone who drinks or smokes.

She reports ongoing sensual dreams about us that she never heard of another woman having about a man.

When people ask me why I took up with her?, I say I was bored and she showed up and made my life a lot more interesting.

When people ask me why I still hang in there with her?, I say, well, I love her, and I don’t know many people who are in conscious contact with the other realms and I get lonely.

And, I see she is a star waiting to be born. Her soul wants it. But does she?

Meanwhile …


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Kali doesn’t seem to like how men think and behave

Kali doesn’t seem to like how men think and behave.

Shiva, the story goes, figured the only way he could get Kali to chill, was to lie down under her feet.

a Kali “holographic projection” –

As for Kali and me, in the fall of 1992, the woman I then was with came to me in a dream and told me I had married Kali! I woke up, terrified. Kali then proceeded to turn me every which a way but loose. Still in progress.

I wonder if, some day, Kali will do that to all men, and to women who think and behave like men? Left brain over right brain, intellect over feelings, doing and striving over being, etc. This will be a very different world, if Kali does that. Very different.

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  1. deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.
    “an anomalous situation”